Danny Kemp.

Robb Grindstaff Writer-Editor Saw this some time back, and I penned this American Rebuttal (all tongue in cheek and in good humor/humour, of course): The American Rebuttal to Queen Elizabeth’s letter to the citizens of the United States rescinding its independence: In light of the blood and treasure the U.S. has expended over the past 70 years to defend the United Kingdom against Nazi Germany’s attacks and the threats of the Soviet Union, and in light of our Constitution’s requirement that we defend only ourselves, we hereby annex the U.K. and incorporate its parts as the 51st through the 53rd states: England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Note: Wales will be incorporated into West Virginia where they will be more comfortable. In defense of this action, and to smooth your citizens’ transition to freedom, we offer the following points: 1. The Divine Right of Kings ended a few centuries ago. That includes queens, too. Catch up. 2. Due to the concept of separation of church and state, the official Church of England is hereby abolished. The twelve people in the U.K. who still attend church may join an already existing denomination or choose to form their own. 3. As the royal family is clearly in the top 1% of the top 1% in terms of wealth and property, the U.S. estate tax will be applied to all royal holdings, retroactive to King James I. 4. Members of the royal family will be required to start using their last names. This helps to nip inbreeding in the bud, as well as making drivers’ licenses more personalized. 5. Royal family members may, if they choose, continue to use their titles, but bear in mind that for Americans, names like Duke, Prince, and Queenie are more often reserved for our dogs. 6. The unnecessary insertion of the extraneous letter ‘u’ in such words as ‘honor’ and ‘color’ is hereby deemed officially incorrect. However, as freedom-loving Americans, we tend to allow people to spell words however they wish, so feel free to continue to be incorrect. We’ll hardly notice. 7. Windsor Castle will be turned into a free museum to document the atrocities of monarchies around the globe and across time, with an accompanying restaurant and theme park. However, a nice double-wide mobile home in Crown Heights, Kansas, has Ms. Elizabeth’s name on it. 8. Each of the newly formed states will be allowed to select two senators and an appropriate number of Representatives to join our legislative bodies. Those newly elected officials will be required to stop referring to one another as “my esteemed colleague” and, instead, say what’s really on their minds. Some starter terms to get the politicians thinking in this new way include words such as, “Fascist, Hitler, Socialist, Communist, Stalinist, Racist, Hatemonger, Evil, Ignorant, Redneck, and Intellectual.” 9. Citizens of the U.K. will be allowed complete freedom to retain their unique and funny accents. Americans are all about funny accents. Ask anyone in Boston or Texas. 10. The National Health Plan will be replaced by private insurance. Yes, private insurance is expensive, but it does include Dental. Use it. 11. The monetary system will be immediately converted to the ‘metric’ dollar system. It’s easy to remember: dollars are for saving, pounds are for losing. 12. There will be a gradual transition of vehicles to the right side of the road. This is too major a change to expect wrong-sided drivers to make overnight. Therefore, on day one, all semi-tractor/trailers and commercial cargo vehicles will change to the right side of the road first. On day two, any remaining passenger cars and motorcycles will move to the right. The good news is that survivors will be able to buy gas for about $3.00 a gallon. The savings can be used to pay for your private health insurance. With dental. 13. Additional language changes that are required: Bonnets are worn by little old ladies. Boots are worn by young, fashionable ladies and Texas men. Fags are not smoked. That would be a hate crime. 14. On July 4th, Independence Day, in addition to hamburgers, potato salad, and fireworks, Americans will also celebrate by riding horseback through the streets of London, calling out, “The British are leaving, the British are leaving.” 15. Only football will be called football. Soccer will be called soccer, and rugby will be called men’s field hockey. Rugby players will be required to wear full pads and helmets from now on due to the potential liability from injury lawsuits. 16. British chips…well, okay. You have us there. McDonald’s will be required to replace their French fries with your chips, but they will be called Freedom Fries from now on. 17. Beer. Yeah, that too. At least until we annex Germany. 18. We drink coffee in the morning and Coke in the afternoon. Tea may be served with supper, but it’s served over ice and preferably sweetened with a half cup of sugar. Get over it. We’re adopting your beer. 19. If you call it a biscuit, the waitress will put gravy on it. Just so you know. 20. The economic benefit from this annexation is expected to be in the thousands of new jobs created in the hair styling field alone.

About Daniel Kemp

Daniel Kemp’s introduction to the world of espionage and mystery happened at an early age when his father was employed by the War Office in Whitehall, London, at the end of WWII. However, it wasn’t until after his father died that he showed any interest in anything other than himself! On leaving academia he took on many roles in his working life: a London police officer, mini-cab business owner, pub tenant and licensed London taxi driver, but never did he plan to become a writer. Nevertheless, after a road traffic accident left him suffering from PTSD and effectively—out of paid work for four years, he wrote and self-published his first novel —The Desolate Garden. Within three months of publication, that book was under a paid option to become a $30 million film. The option lasted for five years until distribution became an insurmountable problem for the production company. All seven of his novels are now published by Creativia with the seventh—The Widow’s Son, completing a three book series alongside: What Happened In Vienna, Jack? and Once I Was A Soldier. Under the Creativia publishing banner, The Desolate Garden went on to become a bestselling novel in World and Russian Literature in 2017. The following year, in May 2018, his book What Happened In Vienna, Jack? was a number one bestseller on four separate Amazon sites: America, UK, Canada, and Australia.  Although it's true to say that he mainly concentrates on what he knows most about; murders laced by the mystery involving spies, his diverse experience of life shows in the short stories he writes, namely: Why? A Complicated Love, and the intriguing story titled The Story That Had No Beginning. He is the recipient of rave reviews from a prestigious Manhattan publication and described as—the new Graham Green—by a highly placed employee of Waterstones Books, for whom he did a countrywide tour of book signing events. He has also appeared on 'live' television in the UK publicising that first novel of his. He continues to write novels, poetry and the occasional quote; this one is taken from the beginning of Once I Was A Soldier There is no morality to be found in evil. But to recognise that which is truly evil one must forget the rules of morality.
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2 Responses to Danny Kemp.

  1. Onisha says:

    After facing possible knee capping today, this cheered me up.

  2. dannykemp says:

    I’m pleased that this had that effect.

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