Danny Kemp.

I have been fortunate in having been asked to do many interviews on the internet since joining Face Book, about a year ago, but often the questions are more or less the same. It has crossed my mind that the less experience ‘interviewers’ have copied from their seniors in the business.

Recently though, I faced different ones when interviewed by Female First, the most popular UK Celebrity and Life Style Magazine. One of the hardest, and one I had never thought of, was how I combined the three genres of a historical work, a thriller and romance into my novel The Desolate Garden. It just happened, but that’s no answer, is it? I had to think; deeply.

Until last weekend I thought that was that, all done and no more surprises, I was wrong. I was asked another meaningful question. ‘How has my life altered since all the changes in it have occurred?’ This, really did need some thought

Here is my answer. What started off as a dream, with my customary reply of….. “Thank you for your follow. I’m following a dream, and as far as I know there are no rules in a dream” to those that ‘followed’ me when I first joined Twitter in January, soon shortened to become, and remain, my signature motto that appears on my business cards; “I’m following a dream” etc. That dream, with no rules attached, took on substance with the meeting of a Film Producer, three or four weeks after the publication of The Desolate Garden. That is when my life changed, and the life of my wife. Now, for various reasons, it will never be the same.

We both decided that our future rested on the fortune, or not, of my book.
We had incurred a huge debt as a result of a road traffic accident, that I was involved in six years ago, and had no way of repaying it before that Film Producer hailed my Cab, that rainy day in April this year. Driving home, in a state of utter shock and disbelief after that contract-signing lunch meeting a few days later, was both euphoric and frightening. That feeling hasn’t changed much, except perhaps both ‘spectres’ deepening.
Virtually every minute of my life now is spent either thinking of ways to promote my work or, in the actual process of promotion, including when I’m asleep. I dream in 140 characters, as if on Twitter!
For the eighteen years that my wife Patricia and I have known each other, I have cooked all our meals. I did, once upon a time, do it professionally and found that I liked it. Now, I have no time for that, and she has taken over that role with most of the other jobs that I would do before all this started. She now washes the London Black Cab that I drive……How lucky am I!

Working hours in London have been drastically reduced from eight hours, plus an hours traveling in and out-of-town, down to five, including that hour. Consequently we have less money but, as I have said, there is that dream. One day of course it will be for others to comment on whether the choice we made was correct or not, that’s to come though; we have nine months before that judgement is necessary.



About Danny Kemp

I was at work one sunny November day in 2006, stopped at a red traffic light when a van, driven incompetently, smashed into me. I was taken to St Thomas' Hospital and kept in for a while, but it was not only the physical injuries that I suffered from; it was also mental ones. I had lost confidence in myself let alone those around me. The experts said that I had post-traumatic stress disorder, which I thought only the military or emergency personnel suffered from. On good days, I attempted to go to work, sometimes I even made it through Blackwell Tunnel only to hear, or see, something that made me jump out of my skin and that's when the anxiety attacks would start. I told my wife that I was okay and going regularly, but I wasn't. I could not cope with life and thought about ending it. Somehow or other with the help of my wife and medical professionals, I managed to survive and ever so slowly rebuild my self-esteem. It took almost four years to fully recover, but it was during those dark depressive days that I began to write. My very first story, Look Both Ways, Then Look Behind, found a literary agent but not a publisher. He told me that I had a talent, raw, but nevertheless, it was there. His advice was to write another story and that I'm delighted to say, I did. The success of that debut novel, The Desolate Garden, was down to sheer hard work, luck, and of course, meeting a film producer.
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3 Responses to Danny Kemp.

  1. Love this Danny! It’s always wonderful to learn new things about our internet friends. We wish you only the best!!

  2. Danny KempDa says:

    Thank you for stopping, reading and commenting on it krhughestburns. 🙂

  3. pauliemacca says:

    The Dreams Come True
    Let It Be
    I wish only the best to you and your loved ones.

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