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On Neighborhood Relations.

Originally posted on Mitigating Chaos:
I used to have problems with some of my neighbors, but since I have started packaging my trash this way, they seem much more pleasant.   They say “Good Morning” with a smile, keep the…

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Viking Tid Bits 3

Some wise reflections on a bygone age by Robynn Gabel

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – #FREE until 26th July -The Desolate Garden by Daniel Kemp

Sally invited me into her Cafe and Bookstore. The offer on this book expires on July 27.

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If the Truth Be Told

Originally posted on Gabriel Constans:
The Story That Had No Beginning by Daniel Kemp. Reviewed by Gabriel Constans. Tom Collins, and his sister Alice (Alicia), are twins who were separated into foster homes when they were 8 years of age.…

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Free Kindle Of The Desolate Garden

From 00:01 PST Sunday, July 22nd or 8am UK time, the Kindle of The Desolate Garden will be free from Amazon until July 27th. This novel was under a paid 5-year option to become a $30 million film. A bestselling … Continue reading

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No Defence

If in Heaven all truth does lie And one has no choice but to die So speed the day so I might see All the love that’s been lost to me.   If love being lost is to close that … Continue reading

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Spanish Edition

Courtesy of my publishing company The Desolate Garden is now available in Spanish.

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