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Tales from a often amusing life but never a dull one. If you have never been sad then you can never be glad.

God’s Distribution of Luck

  I came out of a hospital yesterday having had a catheter and stent finally removed after, in the case of the stent—seven weeks. I was unlucky in some ways with the operation I’d had, but lucky in others and … Continue reading

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#Still #writephoto

Originally posted on The Light Behind the Story:
Photo Credit: Sue Vincent Still The body, subject to the mind, reaches for more, grabbing at an illusion never realized. It seeks to be sustained by want collecting treasures to adorn it.…

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I Love My Blogger Group

Originally posted on Old Things R New:
On the Porch Onisha Ellis Life has been a combination of hectic and slow this past two weeks. My husband’s breathing and energy levels have swung wildly, somedays hour by hour. I am…

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I was agonising over my latest visit to the hospital thinking of all the bad stories I’d heard about people with similar problems and how they were affected after having catheters removed. So, when I was discharged yesterday after a … Continue reading

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Sporadic Acts of Silence

Originally posted on Made of sticks and stones:
photo credit: Mr. Pebb From a Parallel Universe via photopin (license) The stranger in the mirror, The foreigner in my head. Speaking in tongues I don’t understand. In whispers, I’ve learned to…

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The Cheetah and the Dog by Patricia Furstenberg

Originally posted on Robbie's inspiration:
What Amazon says New 2019 Edition with added bonus: Amazing Cheetah fact, with adorable real-life pictures Why do cheetahs need to live in the wild? Why should cheetah hunt a bigger prey? How were…

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Thursday Photo Prompt- Storm # WritePhoto

Originally posted on Keep it alive:
Sue Vincent is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt. This week’s prompt ~ Storm (For visually challenged writers, the?image shows stormy sky above a ruined tower, perched above…

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cloudy, with a chance of sheep.

Originally posted on I didn't have my glasses on….:
Litla Dimun, an isolated island often capped by its own fluffy cloud. Lítla Dímun is the smallest of the Faroe Islands’ 18 main islands. But though it may be tiny,…

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All about the Pear Tree…

Originally posted on France & Vincent:
* …One of the things they taught me at High Furrow was that love has gone out of fashion. ‘Love, is passé,’ they said. In fact, so outmoded a concept was love that the…

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LOOK! “Mr. Sagittarius is Here!”

Originally posted on CrystalCats:
“Is she here yet Lily?” “Yes! I can see her now!” “Thank you Lily – wonderful!” Look everybody! I would like to welcome a special guest to our blog today, the lovely Marje from Kyrosmagica. It’s…

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