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Why? A Story Of—-Sex, Murder, and oh yes—Love

A Review

Drama, erotica, passion, suspense; they are all here.
A bipolar plot pitted with oodles of painful depravity, a collection of which can only be found in the depths of London’s underworld. Yet the power of love shines through, supplying blanket after fluffy blanket of beautiful romance.
Such a lover!
A man for all seasons and reasons, but with a heart for only one woman.
What a woman!
Sigh…….A five-star romance with a beautifully and poetically crafted ending which will tear your heart-strings to shreds.

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El Jardín Desolado (Spanish Edition)

The Spanish translated version of The Desolate Garden  is now live in Amazon, and can be found here:
The translated version is also available from many other marketplaces, including:
– Kobo
– Google Play
– B&N
– Apple
– Scribd
– Tolino
– Streetlib
– 3M
– Baker & Taylor
– Follet
– Overdrive
– Gardners
– Chegg
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Resist the urge to do housework, says Pat Barker. QUOTES FOR WRITERS


washing-machine-2668472_640Keep your bum glued to the chair. It’s extraordinary how, if a piece of writing is going badly—and sometimes even when it’s going well—other activities become steadily more attractive. Not just getting up to make endless cups of coffee either—even cleaning out the cupboard under the sink seems suddenly a fun thing to do. Resist! You’ve got to turn up, on time, at the blank page or screen, and then just stay there. That way, if the Muse does decide to pay you a visit, at least she’ll know where to find you.
Pat Barker

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FREE until 11 September

A Unique Murder-Mystery
For a lie to add piquancy to a story, the story would be factual. Fantasy needs no lie to stimulate or excite. But if the factual story is contrived or fallacious then it’s the fantasy that is the truth.
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Did God Create Time, Or is God Time? (A Philosophers Dream)

The words of Danny Kemp.



‘In the beginning was the word,’ or, if you are a believer of the big-bang theory, in the beginning, was a cosmic explosion from which we all originated.

However, before either of those two occurrences, there was something else in existence.

It was Time. Without there being Time, neither event could have happened. No word could have been written, spoken or thought, and no explosion taken place.

It was Time that introduced the solar system that we know, and it will be Time that will end it.

If you accept this premise then, to use a modern parlance, the rest of my discourse is a given! 

Darwin argues that we evolved from a unicellular organism, an amoeba type creature, into what we are today. I personally disagree with that, but I will not discuss my beliefs here.

Suffice it to say that whether he is correct or Christianity is…

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Coming soon…a Ghost Story workshop on how to chill readers to the bone but what to call it…?



ghostly hand
In a Regency town house rich in history and atmosphere I will be running a ghost story workshop with artist and printmaker Jill Vigis this October.  After a private and highly creative tour of the house, where you will be encouraged to step back in time and picture it when the lime plaster was fresh and the sound of coach horses filtered through muslin curtains, we will get to work.

House interiorAnd our work in the recently renovated kitchen is straightforward: to send tremors down backbones and make the hairs on the neck prickle to attention.
We will work on list poems, micro fiction, create instant books from a collage of ideas and images, and you will go away with a crammed notebook ready to write your own suspense stories and historical fiction. And did I mention there will be cake? Homemade cake made from a Regency recipe (probably).
But so…

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A Home To Belong

In times forgotten, in memories now old

Where stories of love still remained untold,

There was a soul that had wandered far and alone

Trying to find a way for his sins to atone.


Lies were his friend, they hid his name.

They hid his past, they hid his shame.

Bodies had died and faces burned away,

But murders are death and alive for more than a day. 


The pen writes the stories, the pages hide the cause.

The gun does the shooting and the pride hears the applause.

The bodies are all hidden but the stench lingers long.

Where does a man with a past find a home to belong?


© 2018, Danny Kemp All rights reserved.

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Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card

You still have chances

The words of Danny Kemp.

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There are several sections on this link of writers you may know. I’m in the Thrillers section. All of us are asking for followers of one description or another, or like greedy me; for followers on two social platforms, Amazon and BookBub.
If you can do this for me then please find my name in the Thriller section and click on it for either Amazon or BookBub, or better still– both!

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Smorgasbord End of Summer #Party – Weekend August 25th/26th 2018 – Invitation.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

You are invited to the End of Summer Partyon the weekend of August 25th and 26th to enjoy music, good food, witty conversation and an opportunity to plug your books and your blog.

Of course in this virtual world of ours music is great, and so is the wit, but the food is less fattening. It is a chance to mingle and make new contacts and learn more about your fellow bloggers which is always a good thing.

To enable you to do this, there will be four meals where you can be a guest over the two days.

Brunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday Lunch.

I want to make this as easy as possible to accept this invitation so please just answer these three questions.

  1. Please give me the title of a piece of music that means a lot to you with a brief reason…

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A Review On A Currently Free Book

An outstanding review of Once I Was A Soldier FREE until midnight PST 8/8/2018

7 August 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Once I was a Soldier by Daniel Kemp is the second in a trilogy that opened with What Happened in Vienna Jack? Once I was a Soldier picks up the narrative some 20 years later. It’s not obvious, at first, because the characters seem new, but if you have read the first book, you will realise, slowly, slowly that you have met these characters before.

This is a thriller of the highest quality. I’ve made the comparison between John le Carre and Daniel Kemp before. Both of these writers have agile, creative minds and both are experts in their chosen fields of espionage and the politics of the era.

The theme of Once I was a Soldier is power. People crave power, even if they already have it, they are greedy and want more. Those in power are afraid of losing it and guard it jealously.

The novel opens with an abuse of power. Melissa Iverson has inherited a vast fortune. Her lawyer reads her the contents of her Father’s Will. Her Father has made provisions for his two elderly, much-loved servants, leaving them a house in which to live out their days. But the clause isn’t watertight and Melissa demands that the elderly couple are thrown out of their home immediately. This abuse of power drives the narrative.

This is some of the finest erotica I’ve read. The writer lulls the reader into believing that sex and wealth are so high on the agenda that we are reading a narrative that lures us into the sexually determined world of Jackie Collins, or Shirley Conran.

And neither is this Agatha Christie, there’s no room for Miss Marple here. There is a change of mood and pace that is shocking. We stumble into a gritty, dark world…the characters with whom we thought were safe and dependable are not what they have seemed. Who are their masters? Who truly, ultimately has power? We don’t know and for the most part we never find out, we can only guess. but the final pages bring us back to the narrative…it is shocking, leaving us in no doubt that evil really does exist.

If you like your reading to be challenging, if you like the mystery of where Daniel Kemp is taking warned, Once I was a Soldier is disturbing, but you will enjoy the journey.

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