Welcome to the #RRBC ROCKIN’ 2020 AWAY Book, Blog & Trailer Block Party! #Giveaways #DoorPrizes @Bakeandwrite

Giveaways and Chocolate. What more can you ask for?

Robbie's inspiration

Hi and “WELCOME” toRave Reviews Book Club’s BOOK, BLOG & TRAILER BLOCK PARTYatWatch Nonnie Write!


Here’s What I’m Giving Away Today:

One (1) $25 Amazon Gift Card

One (1) ebook copy of Open a new door – poetry book

**Additionally, the book club is awarding a $50 Amazon gift card as the Grand Prize to one lucky winner (pulled from the comments of all the participating blog sites). The blog tour is scheduled for 25 different stops during the month of October. Visit the club’s twitter page Rave Reviews Book Club daily during the month for the link to the next author blog stop.

About Robbie’s Inspiration

Robbie’s Inspiration is the blog I use for my fondant and cake art, recipes, poetry and to promote my children’s books, the Sir Chocolate Books series, Silly Willy Goes to Cape Town and While the Bombs…

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How we changed: Then vs Now

Interesting contrasts

TheGirlOnTheGo's Blog

Time changes. And so do we. And with that, things we do change too. With the advancement of technology, everything is different today! Let’s check out some of them.

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Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – October 6th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Baked Beans and Magicians

Very funny jokes

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Firstly, with the results of sleuthing on the Internet are some funnies from Debby Gies followed by some jokes from Sally.

D.G. Writes is where you will find an archive full of wonderful posts across several subjects including writing tips, social issues and book reviews.

Thanks to Debby for finding these treasures… please give her a round of applause..

D. G. Kaye – Buy: Amazon US AndAmazon UK    BlogD.G. WritesGoodreads: D.G. Kaye on Goodreads –  Twitter: @pokercubster

Check out Debby’s series here on Smorgasbord  D.G. Kaye Explores the Realms of Relationships 2020

Now for some jokes from Sally –

The Debt

A man went to his lawyer and told him, “My neighbor owes me $500 and he won’t pay up. What should I do?” “Do you have any proof he owes you the money?” asked the lawyer…

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An Awakening

On the second day of January this year I had a kidney operation which resulted in me having to wear a catheter bag until the week before last when part of my prostate gland was shaved away. That operation meant that I would be able to pass urine without any day or night artificial aid, but it didn’t go to plan.

For the last ten nights I’ve been getting up every two hours to pee. ‘Oh for the bag’ I said once to myself, silently, before thinking clearly. Last night was different, suddenly I was aware of how lucky I am. Yes, lucky!

As I say, last night was my Damascus moment. I went to bed at 23:30 only to get up an hour later, wide awake. I made a coffee, fully aware of how caffeine can affect sleep, but with or without that dreaded substance, sleep escaped me. I watched some boxing then footage from the Lions tour to Australia in 2001 when Martin Johnson captained the team, drifting in and out of sleep with the laptop balanced on my lap and me stretched out in my reclining chair.

It was just gone three o’clock in the morning when it happened.

‘What a lucky person I am’ I realised for the very first time in this equation between regulated sleep versus independence. I can go to bed or get up whenever I like. If I’m in writing mode (which I should be) I can write, or if I’m being lazy (which I am) I can watch some sport, or perhaps read. I’m retired! I’ve had retired independence for five years without appreciating the freedom it gives me.

As I write this account, my French Bulldog—Leo, is at the far end of the sofa snoring merrily away, unmindful that those walks he takes when half asleep that I watch from the dizzy heights of emancipation are taken by an unshackled canine whose liberty was secured at birth.

And I thought I was more intelligent than him. I wasn’t was I?

© 2020, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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Has humanity lost the right to be called humane?


Not only my hands but also my heart is shaking while writing this. People doing such kind of inhumane acts really astounds me. Don’t their hands get wavered? Do they not fear God? This is EXTREME. Finding peace in harming others and breaking the rules is EXTREME.

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Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – September 18th 2020 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

The ‘Open Mic’ was thrust into my hand— 😛 😛 😛

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Author Daniel Kempkeeps us entertained daily on Facebook with his witty jokes and funny images.. by popular request he is back to do another open mic night for us here today.

Image may contain: text that says "My son kept chewing on electrical cords so I had to ground him. He's doing better currently and conducting himself properly."Image may contain: 2 people, text that says "EVOLUTION 2019 2020 2021"Image may contain: text that says "Just once Id like to read a medication label that says: Warning! may cause permanent weight loss, increased energy and wrinkle removal. The Journey Homie"Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "I'M PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT I HAVE COMPLETED THE 1ST ITEM ON MY BUCKET LIST I HAVE THE BUCKET"

And to finish off..


I volunteered for the Russian vaccine trials for Covid-19, here in Bexley and I’ve received my first shot. I wanted to let you know that it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши.

Told you so!

There was a young couple who lived in a town filled with crime. After three of their neighbors’ houses had been robbed, the couple decided to get a guard dog.

So the young wife went to the pet store and said, “I need a good guard dog.” The clerk replied, “Sorry, we’re all sold out. All we have left is…

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Getting to Know You – What’s Your Day Job

From a very hardworking, dedicated lady.

This is a picture of me receiving my prize at this year’s DealMakers awards

I saw a post with this title over at Jessica Bakkers‘ lovely blog of the same name. You can read it here: https://jessicabakkers.com/2020/08/07/getting-to-know-you-whats-your-day-job/. I thought it was wonderful to learn more about her outside of her blogging and writing persona. I decided I would follow her good example and tell you a bit about my day job.

I am a chartered accountant and it took me six years to qualify which is one year less than the normal time frame for this qualification in South Africa. I did my degree part time through a correspondence university and managed to do my full course credits each year as well as work as an assistant in a video shop. I used to work the afternoon/evening shift from 3 p.m. until 9.30 p.m. and study from 8…

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How to Ease a Broken Heart and Other Important ADVICE from MRS FINNEGAN the celebrated Brighton housekeeper from the 1830s

A superb article


While Mrs Finnegan treats all advice seekers with the utmost sensitivity, she CANNOT guarantee that offence will not be taken by persons who really ought to know better. As usual, she is also extremely busy at THE REGENCY TOWN HOUSE

You wouldn’t think a harmless visit to the theatre would cause a family rift, but I’m afraid my sister is being very silly. I am a great fan of Kidd’sPocket Companions and can recommend the volume on Brighton without reservation. Because of Mr Kidd I organised a party to The Theatre Royal with three cousins and an old school friend.

It wasn’t very ‘Royal’ on our afternoon

We were so excited as there was was a rumour that Princess Augusta was going to attend the performance. (Sadly she came the day after.) My sister is now in high dudgeon. According to her I am a horrible person for not…

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Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story – Chapter Five – Henry’s New Family by Sally Cronin

A lovely story

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

By special request I am sharing Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story as the next book for Sundays and I hope those of you who have not read his adventures will enjoy…

51uI0kWA+ML._UY250_Last time we heard Henry the cat’s story of life on a farm and then on the road until he arrived in Sam’s garden.. the two hit if off immediately and they partook of the sunshine in Costa del Sam.. with pool and loungers.

Henry’s New Family

Henry would live with us for another three years and he had a wonderful life. When I was about a year old a wild black and white female cat who was only about a year old arrived in the garden.

By this time Henry was plump and healthy although he still looked as though he had been dragged through the mud and a hedge backwards.

He was obviously however a smooth operator…

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Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – August 28th 2020- Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

Another night of the Open Mic

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Author Daniel Kemp keeps us entertained daily on Facebook with his witty jokes and funny images.. by popular request he is back to do another open mic night for us here today.

And to end tonight’s performance.. a couple of jokes…


Walking up to a department store’s fabric counter, a pretty girl asked, “I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?”

“Only one kiss per yard, ” replied the smirking male clerk.

“That’s fine,” replied the girl. “I’ll take ten yards.”

With expectation and anticipation written all over his face, the clerk hurriedly measured out and wrapped the cloth, then held it out teasingly.

The girl snapped up the package, pointed to a little old woman standing beside her, smiled, and said.—“Grandma pay the man.


I was so suspicious of my wife having an affair that I insisted we moved to…

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