What Happened In Vienna, Jack?

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Kemp is the fly on the wall in secret government places and no-one escapes his brilliant, inventive mind.

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At The Rainbow Of Tears

At the end of life, on the edge of time.
Where there’s no air to breathe and death walks the line,
There’s no reaction, all spirit is broke
There are only tubes on which the crawling choke.

The analysts are gone, nothing is explained.
The earth still spins but in blood, it’s stained.
The atmosphere is poisoned, the rain is dead.
The deceased lie naked, as disease is spread.

Agony screams loudly, it deafens as it shakes.
Tissue combines with organs in the air as flakes.
And there on the edge where time disappears
There is only the suffering at the rainbow of tears.

Gold in the teeth shine brightly as bodies decompose
The colour of hell is as white as the snows.
At the end of life, on the edge of time,
Death is your Saviour, death is sublime.

© 2019 Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.



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Frankenstein Consumerism

An insightful look on life

A Journey thru Words

The Frankenstein Monster of Consumerism

I realize I am deviating from my normal blogging about writing books but bear with me….

Consumerism created the Customer. Fed by the ever-changing world of advertising we are courted, pleaded with, prodded and bombarded with endless promises.  Each product touted to be the best-ever cure-all, big fix to any problem we have, all in the name of the great god of Money.

In return, Money created a monster that has a ravenous appetite with the mindset of a spoiled brat.

Now I must admit I am one of those brats.

Note that forty years seems like a long time, though compared to geological time, it is but a Nanosecond. But a long time ago, I could buy a product, bring it home, plug it in, turn it on, and it would work. In fact, there was no instruction manual. Then, I would have the…

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Beginnings – An Introduction to the #Epic #YA #Fantasy #DarkFey



The story of Dark Fey is set in a fantasy realm of Jyndari, a world of beauty, magic, Light and Darkness. It is peopled by Feyfolk, winged beings the size of any human who are born with gifts of telepathy, empathy and sometimes magic. It relates how the Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world, if you take Positive Action to create Change through doing what is Right.

The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.

Although their two realms exist in close proximity, most Fey of the Light have never seen an actual Dark Fey and many Dark Fey only encounter very young Fey of the Light; yet crossings and abductions happen every day.

As their temples are desecrated, homes are pillaged and plundered, and the peaceful tranquility so important to the Fey of the Light is repeatedly shattered, the Fey Guard stand…

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If you want to write a story you only have one goal…

A truly wonderful quote


Man in shadows see from the back .
Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

‘Good story’ means something worth telling that the world wants to hear. Finding this is your lonely task…But the love of a good story, of terrific characters and a world driven by your passion, courage, and creative gifts is still not enough. Your goal must be a good story well told. 
Robert McKee, Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting     

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The Real Sting

There were no shadows in the dark as the day passed into night.
It’s only in my recollections that I can tell wrong from right.
But I do know that echoes of illusions give stories of their own,
And the past of one’s life is the only thing that’s known.

The contours of life corrode slowly inside my memory banks
Only with pain can I fill those aching unfilled blanks.
But the shadows of illusions can never be really owned
And the wrongs of the past can never be condoned.

As the blackbird passes its memories to the phantoms of the dark
And there’s no more room inside one’s body for another bloodstained mark,
So the comfort found in illusions become the only place to survive
Because the real sting of death is only found when one’s alive.

© 2019 Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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Cuando veo pasar a la tórtola en vuelo, lo pienso y me digo: quién tuviera alas para sentir la sensación del aire en mi cuerpo revestido de plumas y volar los espacios desdoblando en las alas el sentido del tiempo. Reconozco que prefiero el aire al agua, percibir esa libertad transitoria de la gravitación remontando las nubes. Sentir esa fuerza sobrenatural de mantenerse flotando en el aire, guardar el equilibrio sin caerse y avanzar y controlar la exhalación del movimiento. Trascender es conocer lo que está oculto y la tórtola conoce su objetivo y sabe que más allá hay un árbol o un castillo en ruinas, o un monte donde podrá descansar de su vuelo. Imagino el trayecto y me veo mirando hacia abajo para ver cómo crecen los trigos, cómo se dinamiza el paisaje con sus transformaciones y cambios de colores y no, no tiene que ser lo mismo…

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I Was

In Memory Of A Close Friend

I was frightened by people.
I was fearful when a child.
I was afraid of relationships.
When I was young I was defiled.

I was afraid of reality.
I was lost inside with fear.
I was afraid of being lonely.
I was afraid when anyone was near.

I walked with memories too grotesque for you to imagine.
I was a shadow in the light.
I had feelings, but I could never explain them.
I spent my life hidden in the night.

I lived with sorrow as my companion.
I lived a life I never chose.
I was without structure within a structure.
I have prayed for my life to close.

© 2019, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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Free Kindle

This is a review of Once I Was A Soldier— FREE until midnight PST February 5th

The Book–


The Review–


Once I was a Soldier by Daniel Kemp is the second in a trilogy that opened with What Happened in Vienna Jack? Once I was a Soldier picks up the narrative some 20 years later. It’s not obvious, at first, because the characters seem new, but if you have read the first book, you will realise, slowly, slowly that you have met these characters before.

This is a thriller of the highest quality. I’ve made the comparison between John le Carre and Daniel Kemp before. Both of these writers have agile, creative minds and both are experts in their chosen fields of espionage and the politics of the era.

The theme of Once I was a Soldier is power. People crave power, even if they already have it, they are greedy and want more. Those in power are afraid of losing it and guard it jealously.

The novel opens with an abuse of power. Melissa Iverson has inherited a vast fortune. Her lawyer reads her the contents of her Father’s Will. Her Father has made provisions for his two elderly, much loved servants, leaving them a house in which to live out their days. But the clause isn’t water tight and Melissa demands that the elderly couple are thrown out of their home immediately. This abuse of power drives the narrative.

This is some of the finest erotica I’ve read. The writer lulls the reader into believing that sex and wealth are so high on the agenda that we are reading a narrative that lures us into the sexually determined world of Jackie Collins, or Shirley Conran.

And neither is this Agatha Christie, there’s no room for Miss Marple here. There is a change of mood and pace that is shocking. We stumble into a gritty, dark world…the characters with whom we thought were safe and dependable are not what they have seemed. Who are their masters? Who truly, ultimately has power? We don’t know and for the most part we never find out, we can only guess. but the final pages bring us back to the narrative…it is shocking, leaving us in no doubt that evil really does exist.

If you like your reading to be challenging, if you like the mystery of where Daniel Kemp is taking you..be warned, Once I was a Soldier is disturbing, but you will enjoy the journey.


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Developing empathy – what fiction does for us: Laila Lalami QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Is fiction the reality we would wish to drown in?


Looking through someone's glasses at a street scene
Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

Stories help us see the world through the eyes of others: We see what they see; we’re provoked or inspired or amused; we take sides or withhold judgment—but in the end, we find order in disorder. We make sense of the world around us through the language of stories. When we follow a narrative thread, we experience, at least for a while, a feeling of control. Reading fiction also allows us to expand the limits of our imagination and helps us develop empathy—qualities that seem to be in short supply at the moment.

Laila Lalami, novelist, Professor of Creative Writing at the University of California, writing in The Nation

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