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cloudy, with a chance of sheep.

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Litla Dimun, an isolated island often capped by its own fluffy cloud. Lítla Dímun is the smallest of the Faroe Islands’ 18 main islands. But though it may be tiny,…

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All about the Pear Tree…

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* …One of the things they taught me at High Furrow was that love has gone out of fashion. ‘Love, is passé,’ they said. In fact, so outmoded a concept was love that the…

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LOOK! “Mr. Sagittarius is Here!”

A different approach to an interview.

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My Return

I have been in hospital again, this time for the last ten days or so. I caught sepsis after a catheter I was required to use was changed fourteen days on from a kidney operation dated 2nd January 2020. The … Continue reading

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