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Is To Wish To Be Wrong

I wrote this poem last year but it would seem as though nothing has changed for the good in the world I looked upon then, to now. How much more can we waste? To not live alone and be apart … Continue reading

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START THE WEEK with a writing exercise: Creating a Dark Character

Originally posted on BRIDGET WHELAN writer:
AS WRITERS WE NEED people to do bad things: they create story. They may not be the heart of your writing, the central core, but they kickstart action and reaction. We need light and…

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Saddle Up Saloon; Recipe Rustlin’

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“Kid! Kid? Where ya at?” “Back here in the kitchen, Pal!” “Didn’t ‘spect to find ya here. Don’t think I’ve ever known ya ta spend much time in a kitchen, Kid.” “Shorty’s sech…

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