Funny ‘Lines’ Mixed With Strange Enzymes, by Danny Kemp


Me and Liam would go to the sea to throw pebbles and count the bounces you see.

Then we’d go home for a pot of jam, three slices bread and a little smoked ham.

Soon Liam got fat and could no longer travel, whilst I moved on to more problems to unravel.

Now I’m a chemist working with enzymes, while poor Liam sits at home writing silly rhymes.

Who’s the fool and who can claim credit, when both lives must face their final edit?

I offer an answer to which you may agree, so I’ll write it here for you all to see.

Lines can be bad but they can also be good, but best not to try too many before adulthood…Boom Boom.

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Dress Code, by Danny Kemp.


Dress Code…..Taken from Anything But Hackneyed.

Men in grey, women in red. I wonder what lives they have led?

Grey is a colour between black and white.

It stands for nothing that stands for right!

It means indifference, incapable of choice.

Being silent, quiet of voice.

It’s a man’s colour, the colour they chose,

But there’s always something that they oppose.

Red is for danger, watch out I’m here!

Keep the way open. Keep it clear!

“I have an opinion and I’ll voice it if asked. 

Don’t mess with me boy, or I’ll kick your arse!”

I am a woman, I speak soft and low.

I’m not violent, don’t make me so!

Women in red, men in grey.

I wonder what they’re thinking, as they go on their way?

© 2013, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

Anything But Hackneyed…

Anything But Hackneyed…

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Together In Peace, by Danny Kemp.


If we could dream whilst holding hands,

Then together we might just understand

The meaning to this life in all its ways.

If only we could live in peace for a few more days.

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Dance And I’ll Smile, by Danny Kemp.


For my granddaughter, fifty years my junior. I write this three days before my sixty-fifth birthday.

Dance your way through life. Then from afar I’ll watch, smiling and laughing at your triumphs and elation.

When you stumble but then rise again as if nothing has happened, I’ll wear a grin so huge that through the very darkest of days a ray of my hope will light the path before you.

Never lose sight of your dreams, nor let anyone rob you of them.

If you listen to unwise words and walk timidly through your life, then my tears should flood your heart whilst I drown in sorrow!


© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.



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Jools Holland.



Suspense, Mystery, Murder and a coming $30,000,000 film… THE DESOLATE GARDEN. 

The Desolate Garden….

The Desolate Garden…



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Dying slowly, by Sunita Jugran.


Dying slowly

A daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife
This is me and this is my life.
Honour of families, on my shoulders rest
I can never falter, I have to be the best.

My sleep is not mine, my days can not be
No dreams for my heart, no dreams I can see
You own my body, you own my heart
Who knows my soul is some other soul’s part

I can not have a soul, I am but just a woman
I do not amount to anything, a little less a human.
I live for you, I laugh for you, I cry and I die
If only you will feel me once, if only you will try

You hug me as and when you like, and crush me as you wish
You spit on me when you feel like and when you wish, you kiss
I dance around the way you want, I serve you with my heart
you play with me, you break me up, you tear me all apart.

I wish I were a little bug and could hide in a flower’s core
I wish I could just stop to be, and wish not to see more.
You, who own, and you, who love, both of you can rejoice
I cut my tongue, now no words come, you will hear no voice

What did I wish, what did I dream, a kingdom? Heaven? Sky?
Just a wish to live a little dream, just a hope to heave a sigh
But you own my lungs, you own my breath, my tears and my smiles
I drag my life, I have to live, long years and longer miles.

Copyright Sunita Jugran

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The WORTH of VALUE, by Danny Kemp.


My worth is measured by what I drive, what I wear, what I own.
I am superior by virtue of the wealth I possess.

My value is never discussed if I look secondary to you.
Intellect counts for nothing. It makes everything a mess.

The cost of worth can be extreme.
The price of value is incalculable!


© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.




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