If you like sliding down chimneys and you don’t mind being pulled by a dear.

I know of a job you can apply for that will be available soon this year.

You must like spreading joy and laughter and you’ll need a beard that’s white.

The rest of your appearance is not important, but you can’t give the children a fright!

Please report to Lapland with my blessing and make friends with the elves that are there.

You have almost a month before they’ll need you so watch carefully in the corner in a chair!

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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It’s Never Too Soon For Christmas?

As winter lies across the base
With its icy tentacles of frosty lace
Above on the trunk of the big tree towers
Across the land now bereft of flowers,
Still squirrels scurry up and down
To hidden nests buried underground.
Nuts are stored as winter food
As animals run, the winter to elude.
Up high in the sky
Dancing to delight the eye
Starlings swirl in synchronised flight
Signalling autumn fading from sight.
On winter’s wind blows the cold
That strips the skin from the old
But winter also brings the bliss
Of mistletoe and a stolen kiss.
Puddings laced with brandy or rum
Steaming to fill that hungry tum.
Roaring fires where muffins toast
And spitting chestnuts that are split to roast
Are all part of the Christmas feast,
But remember the thing that should be forgotten least.
Christmas is not measured by a shopping chart,
Christmas lives within a kindly heart.
© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.
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Beyond What’s Old

The crows fly low on a day such as this,
As the cold eats the air then blows it out as a mist.
Branches are naked their leaves now gone,
Leaving birds all huddled in a whimpering throng.
The stream rumbles over its icy bed
As autumn lays finished now burying its dead.
Winter strikes hard as its gavel strikes
And its wind blows through you; your bones to bite!
Short cold days with longer colder nights,
Inside we sit with the fires alight.
Roasting chestnuts with a glass of wine.
For all its faults winter can be a splendid time.
Spring, then summer now autumn fades
As the chill of winter invades our days
Snow covered pastures, a scene to behold
New life to breathe beyond what’s old.
© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.
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Time For A Funny One

A Woman Rugby Player…

There was something about Emma that reminded me of Frank.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but she smelled quite rank!

It could have been the odour that oozed from her body,

Or that she liked gutting fish in her spare time as a hobby.

As she drew nearer I could stand it no more!

I ran onto pitch not opening the changing room door.

There was mud underfoot with rain threatening to pour

But as she followed the smell grew more and more.

She played Hooker with me as the Tight-Head,

At the first scrum I passed out; almost dead!

I recovered to see her make the winning score,

So we married that day and we don’t wash anymore…….Boom, boom.

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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With Violence As Your God


To hallucinate from reality, not excepting the truth.

To live a life of fantasy, in the mind of a youth.

To hide your mind from darkness, seeing only what shines.

Is to worship an evil God, who speaks from a false shrine.

Some see uniformity as a barrier to their own way

Some see inequality as the terror that rules the day.

Death by some is preached as a way to free the oppressed.

Others hide their feelings, never wanting them expressed.

The young and old have values, some shared, some kept apart.

But the young and old share one thing; they each have a heart.

A heart should be beating with love and not to the tune of hate.

To all who preach violence I say;” first accept it as your own fate!”

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Spread A Wing

If there be treachery of love on tongues that mouth
The lies that damn our sacred vows,
Then burning death awaits its call
On devil’s wings and those that crawl.
Death too sweet for an arrow strike.
That taste of death before comes the smell of afterlife.
The condemnation as a curse
On those who use lies to coerce.
Speak of love, say loud the wise
Of truth, that denounce all the lies
Of a love that passed and disappeared,
Within innocent eyes filled only with tears.
Waste, what of it? Do we care?
Enough to the throw compassion bare.
Strip your heart, expose the flesh!
Show it quietly to those who rest.
Those who waited for the crashing sound
As truth was buried in sandy ground
Now hide those ears so once deceived
By the lies you all so once believed.
Throw wide the eyes, free the dove.
Let flourish only the true words of love.
© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.
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The attack on Paris last night is an attack on the freedom that all of us in the western, civilised world currently enjoy, but what is a civilised answer to it and is there a single one?

I would imagine that most of France have a violent solitary solution this morning that amounts to the wholesale slaughter of others.
Although that is a natural reaction it’s not a rational one, however, this is not a rational situation!
In all probability these killers wanted a dramatic reaction, the problem is they might not get the reaction that’s needed.

I believe the answer must come from within these radical groups and the ‘people’ who support them with their silence. If these killers were Muslims, as seems highly likely, then genuine followers of that religion will be as shocked and affronted by this murderous act of barbarism as are the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us, some that hide behind the religious banner of Islam must know who the leaders and financial backers of these terrorists are!

I’m no prophet, but it’s not an unreasonable proposition to foresee a war raging soon on the streets of every major city in the whole world. A war where there will be no winners, only the casualties of freedom.

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All That Breathe


Autumn leaves of burnished gold their life now over, their story told

Fall from trees and gracefully lie, then fade from sight as they die.

On grass, on paths, on ponds they lay, waiting patiently the rotting decay

That awaits all life that once begun and flourished under a warming sun.

All that breathe will cease one day and on the wind will be blown away.

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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The motivation behind the total acceptance of reality as being the only physical concept is the denial of imagination.
Danny Kemp November 2015.

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On Both Sides Of a Black Hole Is There Time?

Time is relative to a moment. It is as if a particle of space, but so abstract as not to feel or experience.

Yet time is so tangible and physical that it is real. There is a difference!

In May, I wrote my first article on Time. (

In it I argue that Time existed before anything else was created, in fact, nothing could be created without the existence of Time. I split the entity of Time into two: the terminology used as a measurement of time, and the organism; Time. (living matter)

Let me first argue this point. Is Time quantifiable as Matter in the sense of having mass and volume, or, is it, as some branches of science would exclude from Matter; an energy, such as light and sound?

Light, as we know it, travels along a magnetic field. In order for magnetism to exist it must have all the attributes of a particle; atoms. The Sound that we hear is a vibration of pressure causing displacement of air. Air contains particles!

Therefore, Light and sound are Matter!

Matter is composed of atoms, and although matter can be altered in its shape it cannot be destroyed. But Time is also an energy!

The Earth has five primary layers: the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere and the exosphere. In all of which exists Time as it’s binding. Planets and the like are at differing, but constant levels of time apart. (this time is in lower case, as it’s used as a measurement) The exosphere layer is the last measurable level before outer space and from which particles travel further, drawn into the magnetosphere, or the Van Allen Belt effect. To have any magnetic force, there must be both particles and energy.

Does air (that part that’s measurable in the magnetosphere) then disintegrate into ‘Black Holes’ and is this where Time began?

A Black Hole, by its definition, exhibits such strong gravitational effects that nothing including particles and light can escape from inside it. So how could Matter (as the organism of Time) enter our solar system from there?


I’m not a physicist. I did, however, study biochemistry but not as much as I would have liked. I’m just a simple man with an enquiring mind who loves debating the impossible in an attempt to discover all that I don’t know. I answered ‘easily’ to my own question, so let me explain. 

Collapsing stars are said to form Black holes, it’s their disintegrated mass that is possible to see. To disintegrate and collapse, and then reform as a mass requires energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can change form. Mass and energy are closely related. In many disciplines of science, energy is explained by its transformation from one substance into another. In chemistry, for example, there is often an increase or decrease of energy in the substances used, but the overall ‘mass’ never changes.

Time, as I argued in that first article, is perpetual. To be everlasting requires Energy as its source. This source existed before Matter was created and will exist when all physical Matter is destroyed. Therefore, if my argument is correct, Time is the transformation of Matter into Energy. On both sides of a black hole is there Time!

Danny Kemp, old but still enquiring.

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