Are the cards you hold all you perceive,
Or are they the ones you wished to receive
And you’re closing your eyes to living?

Is the ace that you think you hold
Only something you’ve heard or been told
Leading you to bet higher and continuing?

You see a three, you see a two
Your luck is in, they’re falling for you!
The banker is dealing!

Is that the five that you wanted so dear
That you prayed until certain your message was clear?
Is God finally listening?

A four, a four; what would you give?
To take away the taste, that’s so addictive.
You shake the card you’re holding.
Perception I’ve heard it said
Is how one views things, or how they’re read.
It can camouflage a life for good or for bad,
Giving happiness or making one sad.

Why not pray for happy, what’s wrong in that?
Life is so miserable wearing a dull, sad hat.
Why not dream some dreams that’s what they’re for!
Lay in a dream tonight and dream of that FOUR.

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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The Butcher, by Danny Kemp


As the butcher comes to cut off your tail,

Do you believe the politicians who spin you a tale,

Or the newspapers that are full of lies,

Or the advertising agencies as your allegiance they try to buy.


As the butcher comes to cut off your tail

Do you examine the threat in every detail?

Or do accept the peril as it appears,

Then wait in a corner full of tears?


As the butcher comes to cut off your tail

Do you smell the fear and inwardly inhale?

Can you taste it as if it’s a sweet,

Bitter and sour; to unpleasant to eat?


Who is this butcher who comes for your tail

And what’s his threat fully entail?

Is there something that you should fear and fill you with dread,

Or have you been simply misled?

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Ever Seen A Review As Good As This?

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Love’s Memory, by Danny Kemp

Love’s Memory, by Danny Kemp

As a drop of water becomes an ocean,
And a ripple a wave;
A heart can never forget
The love that it gave.

As a kiss melts into memory,
And a smile fades from view;
A heart can never forget
The love that passed through.

As the hope became a dream,
And that dream faded and died;
The heart will always remember
How lovingly it tried.

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Philosophy and Science, by Danny Kemp

I want to start something that I cannot finish today but hope to build upon in the future.

Some people would argue that science and philosophy are worlds apart; science being the study of known facts whilst philosophy is purely a thought process based on assumptions and belief. I would suggest the two disciplines are the same.

Philosophy is the exploration and questioning of accepted facts. It is a branch of science of its own. It doesn’t need in a sterile laboratory as it functions within the brain. It’s a thought process examining knowledge and offering a different understanding. In a sense, it’s conceptual thought following logical lines.

Science is exactly the same. It examines logical facts. If one reasons logically, one is thinking scientifically. The human brain cannot exist outside of physics yet thought process is not confined to either a physical form or the science of physics.

Neither in science nor philosophy must there be belief, as belief is the acceptance of irrational thought, ie, all factual explanation is questionable, but without questioning facts science would have no role to fill, and philosophical thought would be only conjecture.

I argue that without philosophy science would not have evolved. Without an egg, there would be no chicken…..The unsolvable issue of what came first.

Through science and philosophy, man has examined his self-being in more ways than solely altruistically, developing a conscious awareness of character and motives. BUT…….

Self-awareness is conceptual in so far as humans are parallel beings, one the decision maker and the other the explorer. The decision maker follows logical, well thought out lines decided upon through influence or experience, whilst the explorer probes the unknown abstract world of imaginary. Self, is by definition a single entity and, therefore, in my proposition, incapable of understanding subconscious thought!

The fundamental basis of life is discovery, whether that be through a specific scientific discipline or through the dissecting scalpel of thought!



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Time Will Not Stand Still, by Danny Kemp


Silver birch in bright sunlight bathed, standing on a hilltop that’s velvety swathed.

Yellow crocuses bursting through, cleaving their colour on this country view.

Radiant shines this springlike scene upon a lonely hilltop, quiet and serene.

The air blows cold. A late winter’s cry, this coming spring aching to defy.

Yet seasons change at nature’s will. Time for no one will not stand still.

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.


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A Black Storm!

As night-time knocks at the forest door and daylight fades away for sure.

.As the wind rocks the boughs of trees and rustles all the growth of leaves.

As black becomes the cloak of night and animals shelter out of fright.

As midnight spreads its shadowy gloom a blackbird still sings its mournful tune.

Even in the dark there’s some light. Behind a gloominess sky, a star shines bright.

Hope never dies even if concealed within the murkiness of a descending shield.


© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved

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