A one hundred and thirty-six-page collection of three stories, FREE for five days from Tuesday 7 July


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Percy Crow A story of secrets, deceit and damned lies!



Percy Crow, twice captured in World War Two, first by the Nazis and then by the Russians, escapes in the bilges of a freighter from Soviet Russia to Hamburg where he sells his secrets to Meredith Paine, the head of British Intelligence.

Lord Maudlin Paterson hears of Percy’s account of a member of the Royal family’s sexual abuse of a fourteen-year-old girl in the Irish home of a fellow English lord. Disgusted to think that his beloved England could be besmirched in such an obscene manner, he sets out to find whatever the repulsive truth may be!

Many years after Maudlin’s death, the daughter of his illegitimate Russian son, Paulo Korovin, suddenly blurts out Percy’s name whilst being interrogated by the CIA for her spying activities. Harry Paterson, Maudlin’s legitimate great-grandson, is the only person to whom she’s willing to disclose what little of the spiralling web she knows!

Is there more to be discovered by Harry, as the rationale of his great-grandfather, hidden in the distorted mirrors of photographs at the back of an album, or, is there another reason much closer to home?

Not trusting British Intelligence, Harry, with his lifelong friend George Northcliffe, along with the new complication in his life, the beautiful Serena Abenazo, starts unravelling the clues. Where will the rattling bones of the sepia images lead him?

Over one hundred deceitful years covering more secrets that could be imagined are concealed by just two words; Percy Crow!

Release date 25 July 2015

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A Statue of Sand


The trees were filled with birds at song, but that scene didn’t last for long.

As man stretched out his grasping hand, taking over that verdant land.

The rich got richer, the poor more poor. Greed and avarice reached every shore.

Until at last all hope had gone, leaving only bigotry as the soloists song.

Lightning struck, the thunder roared. Birds took flight and away they soared.

Leaving but a barren land, filled with statues that had been made from sand!


© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.


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The Mermaid Who Makes The Seas



This short book, the second in the Teddy and Tilly’s Travels series, is available free of charge until midnight, Pacific Coast time on the 27 June, or 8 am Sunday 28 UK time.

The cover has been changed from one that Amazon said was blurry to the one above.



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Write Your Password!



If I was a number I’d never be a One.
As in my life, there are more things to be done!
If I had a choice then Eleven I’d be,
Then I could return as Danny Kemp the second you see.

If I was a letter I’d never be a ‘T’
As I’d spend all my time in the loo having a P!
I think my choice would be between a Z and a K,
Then I could lay in bed deciding all day!

But as I’m none of the above and now my brain’s on fire, I think I’ll go to church and join the choir!

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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The Mermaid Who Makes The Sea



FREE~~~(until 27 June) THE MERMAID WHO MAKES THE SEA~~~ Second book in the Teddy and Tilly’s Travel series



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The sway of her hair bound in a tie,

Caught my attention, made my heart sigh.

The elegant walk, the movement, the grace,

The confidence showed by the look on her face.

Her curves, of course, were a further distraction

But sophistication in itself, is a tremendous attraction.

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

Danny Kemp


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