A Living Earth, by Danny Kemp



A Living Earth

Dark virgin soil piled high from the ground.

Now sentry like and brooding as an ugly mound.

Hidden for centuries, undisturbed it lay,

Now it stands naked and on display.

What purpose did this earth not serve,

To cause a treatment it did not deserve?

What if it was not earthly matter, but you and I

And out of view we chose to lie?

Does this loam now prefer be seen,

Or remain, like many of us, behind a screen!

Elevate yourself, no longer cower nor bend,

Be a voice that the world will comprehend!

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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The fat lady sings, the opera is complete.
She’s off to a restaurant, a friend to meet.

Outside the theatre the crowd are mingling.
Somewhere in the distance she hears someone singing.

As she approaches, there’s a terrible scream.
It’s then she remembers it’s the night of Halloween.

She tries to run, but her legs won’t move.
There’s an old memory she cannot remove!

It was on this night many arias ago,
A night that was cold, dark and covered in snow.

She saw that vision in ghostly drab,
Run from a body that had been stabbed.

It was her, from a scene, that was about to be sung
Il Cavaliere Rusticana had just begun.

The violins struck up, but she forgot her lines,
Don’t let tonight deliver anything so unkind……… Beware The Horseman!

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.


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Illusions, Abstracts and Reality, by Danny Kemp


Dark as the dark reflected through the glass.

Deep as the deepest love that’s ever been asked.

Both are illusions that can never be touched.

But life can be felt, if it’s tightly clutched.

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Memories, by Danny Kemp.


Autumnal changing colours against a summer blue sky.

The season has changed but the weather won’t accept why!

How long will the remaining days of autumn be as kind,

Until the icy winter winds bring harsh memories to the mind.

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.


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THE FIGHT IN YOU, by Danny Kemp


To feel the anger of giants,

To taste their rotting breath,

To have their weight upon you,

To have no mortal rest.

No friend nor ally can help you,

You must face the trial on your own,

See off this fearful danger,

And walk the path alone.

Though sword and spear may strike you,

And wounded you become,

Your Will must be strengthened,

Then your Passion will overcome.

Hope will breed fresh resolve,

Even though each heavy step brings more pain,

You once had a purpose,

It’s that you must regain.

Bloodied and battered you’re used to,

It is the reason you are you!

There is no other outcome,

But to see your journey through!

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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The following is taken from a previously hidden stage production titled…..COHIBA.

It was penned by that renowned playwright Sir Sausage E. Bacon as an appeal to Queen Elizabeth not to allow Sir Walter Raleigh to continue the campaign, he was raging at the time, on the good folk of London, forcing them to smoke the tobacco plant he discovered growing amongst the knotweed at his home at Icia, Amersham.

It was commissioned by the forward thinking Sir Horatio Scope, who foretold of a London enveloped by a cloud of impenetrable, choking fumes that would harm the health of his house servants, and all other ‘below stairs’ type of folk.

It has been alleged that parts, and names of this play, were used to form the core of many performances for the stage by a chap named Will Tremblingpike, who, when accused of plagiarism, quickly changed his name to William Shakespeare but as we all know, to escape recognition one needs to change both first and last names!

Historical dates themselves have been rewritten to cover the conspiracy surrounding this work!

It opened at The Sphere Theatre, London on April 1st 1441 and was performed in the round!

The extract I have chosen is taken from a speech made by Juliet, an insignificant serving wench employed by a certain Lord Tom Thumb. She has just had her head severed, by her employer, after stealing, and smoking, one of said Lord’s rather inferior Romeo cigars. The wrapper is curled around her wedding finger!

“To have, or not to have? This must be pondered upon.

Whether tis of more upright standing that men enjoy the pleasures of a Cuban women’s thighs, than that of their own man’s roll-ups is sharp and arrowed. Aimed at the heart of fortune.

Doth a man sling his full purse at his beau, or trouble the Jewish shylocks of this life, to enable the shuffling of coins to foreign parts?

Bodkins I say. Let common reek consume the suffering of discontented heartache.

Any King would beg for a horse, giving his very kingdom to escape the slinging tempest of unnatural puff.

Was not I devout in my mortal life? Do I not even now hold my head with grace. Was it not my innocent desire to have and smoke, that brings me here this day?

Death, where is your wound? Where is your stench of resignation?

Be thou all my sins remembered.

Freemen rise against the oppressor, unless your conscience makes cowards of you all, having preference of your bed in which to lay! 

Waits yonder the calamitous spreading fire and cloud through the wards of London’s town.

Now sleep awaits. That eternal sleep, to lay with no dream. But there’s the rub, and what say that rub?

Be it thigh or be it palm, that is the question.

Flesh has no respect of ownership!”

Perhaps you can now see why the discovery has been kept a Royal secret. I came across it whilst rummaging through the private draws at Buckingham Palace today when I went for my usual cup of tea. I now fear for my life!

Please, keep the secret safe. The credibility of the complex English language depends on it. So does Stratford-upon-Avon, Anne Boleyn, King Lear and their three daughters ……All is a tragedy.  When did they come into the script?

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Never Make a Promise You Cannot Keep. By Danny Kemp


Never Make a Promise You Cannot Keep.

“Everything is everything,” she said to me, as she balanced on a low bough of a chestnut tree.

“What!” said I in total surprise. Gazing quizzically into her bright green eyes.

“Well, if it’s not then what’s the point, of saying something that’s plainly not true and not right?”

“But you’re the one who said it, it was not I. What puzzles me is that I cannot think of any reason or think why!

There we were, walking side by side, watching the day end as the sun lowered and died,

When suddenly you stopped, mounted this tree, and began to speak so mysteriously.”

“You promised me everything. Those were the words you spoke. But I know that you have nothing and you’re stoney broke.

You should never make a promise that you cannot keep. It will only end in pain and could make that person weep.

All you can do is promise what you possess, your love, your trust and your truthfulness. You can keep all the other……worthlessness!”

© 2014, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.


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