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Once I Was A Soldier—- But Never Was I Brave


There is no morality to be found in evil.

But to recognise that which is truly evil one must forget the rules of morality.


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Once I Was A Soldier

Afghanistan in the mid-1990s, emerging from Soviet occupation, has become the focal point for American political intervention and one in which the British government has a keen interest. The seemingly impossible task of influencing the American selection of who forms a controlling alliance in that country falls on Fraser Ughert, the omnipotent chairman of the United Kingdom Joint Intelligence Committee.  

Once I Was A Soldier is a story of murder, exploitation and sex involving two wealthy women. One, the Machiavellian wife of the American Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, who seeks more power than she already has; the other, a young, attractive, but naive English book publisher, who wishes she had never inherited her family’s fortune. Both become entangled with a 44-year-old womanising British intelligence agent who is still looking to find his real self between glasses of whisky and the beds he shares.

There is no morality to be found in evil.

But to recognise that which is truly evil one must forget the rules of morality.



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To discover what’s real but has no name.
Why do some illusions bring false hope and only shame?
Why accept a life and what it can bring,
If it’s full of nightmares on which one has to cling?

Failures being kept in the shadows out of sight
But failures should be used as beacons shining light
Science is full of failures but then look at what’s been achieved.
If failure kills imagination what could possibly be conceived?

To discover what’s in yourself and who you might be.
What you might become if you could set yourself free.
Is that possible or one of those dreams that never come true?
To discover what is actual truth and to find the real you

© 2017, Danny Kemp All rights reserved

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99p Kindle

For two days only, 4–6 January, the Kindle of the bestseller In Russian Literature—‘The spy novel that takes the bar higher, (Murder/ Mystery/ Thriller) The Desolate Garden once under a paid five-year option to become a $30 million film is offered at 99p 


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It Was A Predictable Time, It Was An Unpredictable Time

Life is so unpredictable that it becomes a predictable event.
But then of course comes the unpredictability of which some do lament.
To be unpredictable can have advantages that are very, very true,
But is your life predictable, or can unpredictable be levied on you?

© 2017, Danny Kemp All rights reserved

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A beautifully written piece on a growing problem that gets pushed from the minds of those who could make a difference. Is Christianity a following of Christ’s teachings, or is it just another decoration on a tree?


Christmas carols waft through the crisp Manhattan air as the steady ringing of the bells of Salvation Army Santa sets the pace for shoppers hustling from store to store. The magnificent Rockefeller Center Christmas tree heralds the promise of Yuletide celebrations ushering in the season of love and joy.

But for thousands of homeless people in New York city, the season is a harbinger of struggle. Huddled in alleyways, bus terminals, doorways and other temporary hovels, attempting to ease the chill of winter, they find no joy.

Some keep their faces to the ground, too hungry and lethargic to honor the Christ child’s birth. Others glance upward, perhaps searching for a special star to offer solace to a life of misery, but more likely hoping for handouts–a dollar or two to stem the ever-present gnawing of a tortured empty stomach. Years ago, it was a nickel, but inflation has reached…

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Don’t Miss Christmas

Don’t miss this Christmas by falling asleep.

I know the Queen is boring but at least there’s nothing to bleep.

Bad language has its place I guess in films and on the screen,

But with the speech from the Palace at least you know it is clean!


Don’t miss this Christmas by getting drunk then falling down.

There are enough out there already who play the fool and clown around.

Pubs are great and wine bars too certainly have their place,

But you really are an embarrassment with blood all over your face.


Don’t miss this Christmas by staying out too late the night before.

Remember loved ones who might need your help. Don’t be a selfish bore!

Having fun and laughter is what you should share,

With those you want to be with and you know who really care.


Don’t miss this Christmas by things that you could circumvent

And never eat the last Brussel sprout without someone’s consent!

Have a Great Christmas and share a laugh or three

Surrounded by those who love you and give their love for free.


Merry Christmas to you all.

© 2017 Daniel Kemp

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WRITE BY THE BEACH – the Brighton Writing Conference is back in 2018


brighton-& west pier
And tickets are selling faster than ever before…

I am so proud to be associated with such an inspiring event.  It’s inspiring to meet and learn from so many great writers; it’s inspiring to get to know so many new writers and be part of the buzz on the day, and it is inspiring to be part of such a kind and funny and talented team of professional writers working behind the scenes to make it happen.

BH logo light

Our tag line is inspiration to publication…and this is what we have lined up on:


After our two sell-out writing conferences in 2016 and 2017, we are returning with all the best-loved features  including:
Talks and workshops with top authors including Sunday Times bestseller of psychological thrillers Erin Kelly

Erin KellyHer first novel, The Poison Tree , became a major ITV drama. In 2014 Erin wrote the novelisation of the…

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Percy Crow

Percy Crow, the sequel to The Desolate Garden, has been featured on this site today.


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The Late Elephant

I cannot find a Reblog button on this site but I can highly recommend it.



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