There Is Nothing As Stale As An Empty Mind

Everyone’s a winner if the race is never run

Bruises count for nothing if the game has not been won

Everyone’s a dreamer when time is on their side

And a dreamer is someone that everyone decries

© 2016, Danny Kemp


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Sheer Terror



It’s the quiet that I fear.

It’s in the dark I find peace

It’s only the terror that I hear.

The nightmare has no release.

It’s the silence that I hate.

It’s to the shadows I run.

It’s a fear that doesn’t abate.

It’s a chain that can’t be undone.

To a crevice, I cling

With no footholds in sight.

Over an abyss, I must swing

Limbs tremble with fright.

There are no answers anymore

Only questions to face.

There’s only one thing I’m sure;

In death there is grace!

© 2016, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved

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It Takes Two To Love

Did your heart taste the tear

That fell from your face

As you parted with love

Leaving an empty space?

Did you stop to ask

And then wonder why,

The love you felt so easily

Drained away from your eye?

Were you alone

In a helpless place?

Memories of that love

Leaving no trace?

If two fall in love

Then both have lost.

When the love that was freely given

Takes a life as its cost!

© 2016, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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To Write

The purpose behind writing a book is not just that it should be read. It is to exercise a troubled and restless mind.

Danny Kemp

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A Story Of Silliness

Twenty-five silly stories, some in rhyme.

Free with MatchBook Kindle…… or $0.99 – £0.99p

A Story Of Silliness

Free with MatchBook Kindle…… or $0.99 – £0.99p

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A Maestro With A Dream

He started with delicate brushstrokes painted on a golden screen

Depicting a mystical journey through a whimsical dream.

But it was the realism of reality that then directed his wrist

To a black out his canvas leaving only an angry secreting cyst.

He started again with a fresh palette and brush.

He changed the composition using heavy paints, both rich and lush.

But again the metaphysical view escaped from his dream.

He left his canvas to be swallowed by the pragmatist’s scream! 

© 2016, Danny Kemp.

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Mr Wallace had a sister who was very different than him

Where he was short and fat, she was tall and slim!

But the differences did not just stop there. Oh no, there were more.

Where he was slightly diffident she was confidently sure.

They went to the pub one night to have a drink or two.

There was a quiz going on so they stayed for quite a few!

They won the prize that night and went home to bed,

But in the morning the maid found one; laid out dead!

Mr Wallace was dead in his bedroom,

But the prize and his sister were gone.

She was last seen on a boat

Sailing on the Amazon!

Now the reason behind his murder was the prize of which I’ve not told

It was the millionth copy of The Desolate Garden that Danny Kemp had sold!

I wish!

© 2016, Danny Kemp.

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Help Wanted!

If you like sliding down chimneys

And you don’t mind being pulled by a deer.

I know of a job where you can register

That will be available later this year.

You must like spreading joy and laughter

And you’ll need a beard that’s white.

The rest of your appearance is not important,

But you can’t give the kids a fright!

Please report immediately to Lapland

And make friends with the elves that are there.

You have a few weeks before they’ll need you

So watch carefully whilst seated in a comfy chair!

© 2016, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Put a kiss in your pocket and carry it every day.

Try a smile on your face to help light your way.

Speak soft and warmly instead of having hatred in your voice,

Then maybe peace would become a reality and not a neglected choice.

© 2016, Danny Kemp.

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The Secret Lies Where No One Belongs

This short story, also enrolled in Kindle matchbook programme, is available FREE of charge from today Wednesday 9th November until Sunday 13th November

It tells the tale of the life of the main protagonist and is a supplement to my novel The Secret. It can be read perfectly well on its own.

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