My Return

I have been in hospital again, this time for the last ten days or so. I caught sepsis after a catheter I was required to use was changed fourteen days on from a kidney operation dated 2nd January 2020. The strain of sepsis I had changed as it became used to the antibiotics I was given intravenously necessitating several different attempts at getting rid of it. The last three days blood samples have been clear of the infection.

Today I was sent home, but on a course of antibiotics for the urine infection, I now suffer from. At least this medication can be taken with water.  I am due back into the same hospital next Wednesday (that’s the plan) to have the stent and catheter removed—at long last.


This is purely coincidental but I have a novel on a free offer from today until 17/02/20

This is not a Cozy Mystery. It is a gritty, down and dirty tale that will SHOCK and keep you guessing all the way through to the end.

#Murder #Mystery #Suspense




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Win A Book!

A great idea


To celebrate the paperback launch of A Walk in the Woods, I’m holding a short story competition. A copy of my book will go to the winning entry and the story will also be published on my blog. If you’ve already bought a copy of the book, thank you, but why not still enter and give your copy as a gift, if you win.

So how do I win a copy? I hear you cry. Write me an entertaining story, that’s how. One of the short stories in the book has the following opening line: Thank goodness they had gone. Who had gone and why is up to you. All you have to do is open your story with the same line. The minimum word limit is 50 words and the maximum is 500 words.

To enter, send your story to

You have until 14th February. I…

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The Words Of Love


Speaks softly the voice of love as it whispers on the breeze,
As it beats at your heart as if it rustles through the leaves.
Your senses come alive, in a way you’ve never known,
As the words carried on that breeze begin to find a home.

The breeze grows stronger, there’s no shelter to be found.
As all reason deserts, as you’re deafened by the sound.
Your body aches with every breath that you breathe,
As the wind is so strong you have no choice but believe.

Your life has changed, you’re no longer on your own,
As the gale subsides, its seed having been sown.
The breeze has now gone, its purpose has been fulfilled,
As precious words of love into your heart are instilled.


© 2020, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.


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I didn't have my glasses on....

she was in the checkout line just in front of me

something about her looked tired

like her shoes

world weary

her cart filled with simple things

beans, bread, eggs, milk, cans, pasta

and what looked to be a special treat

one small bright orange

maybe for someone little waiting at home

 when it was her turn

she paid

with what was left on her food card

 then tried a credit card

and still

didn’t have quite enough

 she looked back at me

with apologetic eyes

sorry for the trouble

 she fumbled in her purse

looked to see

what she could put back

not sure what to do

I heard the clerk tell her

that she needed

one dollar and seventy cents more

 my heart went out to her

not knowing her life

I said that I had that money

 I was happy to give it to the clerk


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Why Dora Didn't Fly

A truly wonderful story

Old Things R New

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Piper Cub, Aircraft, Propeller, Yellow

Early in 1947 when we moved to Westcliffe, Colorado. Ivan decided to learn to fly and by the beginning of summer he was determined to buy a plane, so we planned ahead. Our café and bar business was good, so we decided to save all the silver dollars and all the hundred dollar bills that came in. One man, a successful carpenter, came in every Saturday night throughout the summer and cashed a hundred dollar bill. By September we had saved 512 silver dollars and 7 one hundred dollar bills so we went to Salida and bought our plane. It was a two-place, 65 horsepower yellow Piper Cub named Dinty Moore. Now Dinty was a fine plane for the low country, but he couldn’t always make it over the mountains.

To begin with, I hadn’t thought of learning to fly, until my husband, Ivan began taking…

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A Dream That Was Lost (An Epic)

Where It Began

Hope got lost when he was very young

Faith was waiting but he just wouldn’t come.

Will came instead and with Faith made a team

They don’t say very much, but what they do say they mean.


Belief joined the club so off the three did go

Searching for Hope but the search was very slow.

Trust sat and watched from his view on the wall.

Choice was sitting next to him but Choice was very small


Trust never saw Choice so he never took a chance.

As the three passed below him without a second glance.

Next came a cemetery with a billion holes in the ground

From where the screams of Hope echoed all around.


The three stood perplexed as they looked up to the sky

Waiting for the wrath of God to strike them down and die.

A single bolt of lightning struck the ground at their feet

As a voice declared loudly – Hope doesn’t die! It lives in everyone you meet.


Part Two
Hope Has Arrived


Now Hope joined the others and forward they did stride

But their mission seemed impossible as access was denied.

Minds had been infected by the forces of evil and dark

As the Devil had come to call and had left his haunting mark.


Despair and Depression were his main weapons of control.

When they struck they pushed their victims deep down a slippery hole.

That hole was stacked with bodies waiting for their death,

Whilst walking through their life breathing suffering as their breath!


Hope aspired for more and offered dreams as a cure.

The Devil cried out in a mocking voice – “Are you really sure?

Dreams are illusionary they can lead one to believe

That the nightmare of life can somehow be relieved.”


“No,” he had not finished, adding in contempt—

“There is no forgiveness it’s only something that is dreamt!”

Hope and Will had the centre, Belief, and Faith on the flanks

And there they stood bravely against the demonic ranks.


Despair drove into battle his weapons armed and primed

Hope was behind the barricades; weakened and begrimed.

Will hid in the shadows not daring to show his face

As Depression hovered above looking down on the place.


Depression led the next wave and Belief took a heavy blow.

The end was not fast coming, death would be slow.

Faith fought on until he thought he could do no more

Then just as Despair aimed his gun Hope gave a mighty roar.


“I’ve seen the will in others die before its time,

They then hide in shadows as if they’ve committed a crime.

I have no desire to hide, nor wish to conceal my face,

I am the sun that warms all heartstrings. I cast light into every shadowy place.”


Depression laughed loudly which in itself caused his own demise.

Despair search his soul wondering why he’d told so many lies.

“I am defeated. I cannot kill you, Hope, when you are so strong.

I have lived a life of disenchantment. I now know I have been wrong.”


Hope dug a grave and filled it with Despair.

He then sucked the blood from Depression and stripped his bones bare.

From the bones, he made Despair’s headstone and on it he engraved:

Cemeteries Are Full Of Bodies That Despair Has Enslaved


Part Three


Pain sat in the room waiting for his friends to arrive.

He carried no antibodies as he knew how to survive.

Despair was an ally but he hadn’t been seen for a while.

When Pain thought of Despair he fashioned a wide sinister smile.


Grief arrived in splendour dressed as a mannequin queen.

With name tags of those she had visited and places of where she had been.

Their tears hung like earrings, their sorrow hung around her throat.

Her smile was not as Pain’s. Hers was a one of smugness, a wide sickening gloat.


Pain’s smile grew wider and as Grief took hold of his hand

The stain of mental anguish began to spread over the disowned land.

With Misery the Three affected millions sending them tumbling to their knees

The infectious strain blew strongly as a gale amongst the leaves.


Pain was in his element as his anguish he bestowed

Adding his torment to the rivers and watching as it flowed.

Grief clung to Misery and wandering they did go

Scything down the people who simply moved away too slow.


The torture of the innocent was the cry of the Three,

As the death bell of the apocalypse sounded noisily above life’s trembling tree.


Part Four

Never Allow The Devil To Undervalue You


Suddenly Belief recovered and dragged Faith to his feet.

“Come,” he said. “We must go find Hope and Will. But we must be discreet!

“But aren’t they both dead?” Faith uttered in surprise.

“No,” came the reply. “Hope is eternal. Hope never dies!”

The four were reunited and slowly spread the word


Hearts were rekindled as passion was stirred.

Despair had gone and now Depression had faded away.

But the Devil is still out there and will be every day.

Belief and Faith now stand together. The two one cannot divide.


And Hope can conquer the Devil with Will at his side.

Love is their strongest ally, it can stand at your side too,

But only if you remember; never allow the Devil to undervalue you.


© 2020, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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#Booktour – Characterisation of Henry Scarle

If ghosts are your thing then this is for you.

Roberta Writes

Thank you to Diane Reviews Books for hosting me with this post about my ghostly character, Henry Scarle, as part of my Through the Nethergate book tour. There is also a Giveaway you can enter from Diane’s blog. Thank you to Great Escapes Book Tours for organising this tour.
Through the Nethergate Author Guest Post and Giveaway

Through the Nethergate
by Roberta Eaton Cheadle

Author Guest Post

About Henry Scarle

Henry Scarle is the leader of the group of ghosts that haunt the inn in Bungay where Margaret goes to live with her grandfather following the deaths of her parents. Margaret’s powers cause the ghosts to reincarnate and regain their human bodies. This group of incarnates is innately good and when they reincarnate the signs of their unnatural deaths reverse and they become young and good looking again. There are also wicked ghosts haunting the inn, who become more grotesque and nastier when they reincarnate. All the…

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Lost in a labyrinth that once sustained a mind
Lived a wandering spirit, possibly the last of its kind.
What he sought he could not name nor draw a likeness to show
But he knew in his heart of hearts that one day he’d know.

Seconds turned into weeks and then the weeks into years,
But the wanderer counted not time, he stubbornly persevered.
Unfortunately, the values he held high became obliterated from view
Leaving the wanderer unsure of what was a lie and what was true.

Early one spring day that which was sought was found in open sight
But the image had changed. No longer was it right.
Tarnished by greed, by envy, and by pride,
But the wanderer withheld the truth. He told none of it. He lied.

The traveller has disappeared no longer visible to mankind
And the truth that he sought dwells in no man’s mind.
Nobody knows exactly when the deception took place and took hold
But one thing is true—life gets no easier when you grow old.

© 2020, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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Have You Seen Some Of The Train Stations In Russia, It's Like Walking Into A Museum

What beautiful structures!

Reality Decoded

















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Truly moving.

I didn't have my glasses on....

Beneath The Sweater And The Skin

How many years of beauty do I have left?

she asks me.

How many more do you want?

Here. Here is 34. Here is 50.

When you are 80 years old

and your beauty rises in ways

your cells cannot even imagine now

and your wild bones grow luminous and ripe,

having carried the weight

of a passionate life.

When your hair is aflame

with winter

and you have decades of

learning and leaving and loving

sewn into 

the corners of your eyes

and your children come home

to find their own history

in your face.

When you know what it feels like to fail


and have gained the 


to rise and rise and rise again.

When you can make your tea

on a quiet and ridiculously lonely afternoon

and still have a song in your heart

Queen owl wings beating

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