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There is no morality to be found in evil.

But to recognise that which is truly evil

One must forget the rules of morality.


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Why? A Compicated Love

One helluva of a review for Why?—–


5 out of 5 stars Lyrical, Urgent, Betrayal & Retribution
By Billierosie on 29 April 2018
Format: Paperback
“Why? A Complicated Love” Is a lyrical, urgent tale of love, despair, betrayal and retribution told by my favourite author, Daniel Kemp.

The novel is told as a first-person narrative by Terry Meadows. The reader is privy to Terry’s thoughts..the story unfolds through the effect that the main characters have on his life.

Daniel Kemp sets a quiet steady pace, there’s no rush, as he introduces his main players…Terry, Laura, Francis and Sammi. We are quickly drawn into this tale of distorted sexuality. Just a few paragraphs detail a reason for Francis’ debauched, controlling behaviour. It’s a behaviour that has Sammi and Laura’s seeming acquiescence. And simply the fact that Terry is witness to this sick, claustrophobic family, means that he also is a puppet to Francis’ depravity. It is Francis who drives the narrative.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No? Please suspend your disbelief. I’m talking about the sort of love that Shakespeare crafts for his tragedy Romeo and Juliet, or the poignant lyrics that Stephen Sondheim writes for the equally tragic West Side Story.

For an audience to be drawn into an intense, heated whirl of recognition takes a skilled, sensitive writer…eyes meet across a crowded room..forgive the cliche, but that’s the moment I’m trying to conjure up..and it’s exactly that moment that Daniel Kemp, crafts, so exquisitely, in the meeting of Terry and Laura.

Many Poets, Artists and Novelists believe in love at first sight…they spend their creative lives telling us about it, we feel their heat as they chant their magic.

I love this novel by Daniel Kemp, it is pure pleasure to read. Where Erotica occurs, it’s entirely appropriate..as is violence. You can, if you like, dissect the narrative, but in the process don’t lose sight of a beautifully written, absolutely engaging story. I shall certainly be reading a lot more from Daniel Kemp.

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The Desolate Garden by Daniel Kemp

Use a pen to write the words but let the heart tell the story.

A Top 100 Indie Book You Should Read Before You Die

A bestseller in Russian Literature

#Suspense #Murder #Mystery



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Signed Copy


I am giving away an autographed copy of my novella–Why:? A Complicated Love.
It is essentially a story of love, however, one reviewer complained that the sex was too graphic. If that one opinion persuades you not to enter then that saddens me, but I understand.

This free event is also running on Goodreads or alternatively, you can send your entry email to—shaunreddin (@) icloud.com (without the spacing) and your name will be added automatically.







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The Writers Desk

Again I have cancer. Stage 3 lung cancer but I am fighting for life…again. This is the fourth time cancer has taken a bite out of me and it’s no fun.

I thought maybe if I write about it, it would give me the strength to beat it once more. So far I have had to be given two units of blood, two units of iron, B12 shots, chemotherapy, radiation and a host of tests. MRI, CT, Blood work, etc, but I have to say my knee is healing and I am able to walk without a cane. Now if the chemo doesn’t destroy my immune system and my knee doesn’t get infected again I just might be around for a while longer.

I so appreciate all of you for hanging in there with me, and I will try to post whenever I can. However, I try to read your…

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The Taming of The Stew

If you know your onions
And your onions know you,
Then it is beyond doubt
That you’ll make a splendid stew.

But if your onions were soft
When you gave them poke,
Then your stew will be sadly
Beyond any hope.

Now carrots are a thing that
Can be misunderstood.
They should be left rather firm
But not as hard as any wood.

When it comes to flavouring
Please put in a dash of sage.
Take a wooden spoon and
Give it a stir at this stage.

Next just add the meat
And in the oven do place,
Whilst asking the cooking Gods
To bless it with some grace!

© 2018 Danny Kemp All rights reserved

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The Top 100 Indie Books You Should Read Before You Die

The Desolate Garden was selected at number 2 in this list.


51-ogs4nhuL copy

Links to Amazon: http://mybook.to/DesolateGarden

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This is not a Jack and Jill novel!

It’s an intelligent well-researched book full of intrigue, secrets and lies for the reader who expects more.

#Murder #Mystery #Treason



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The Deva Station And Kat Astrophe With a Chance Goneabegging

A Short Comical Story Told In Two Parts

A Taster—

Any interpretation of this short story is done entirely at your own risk. 

I have incorporated English names into this compact chronicle to avoid disappointing those who find Russian a difficult language to pronounce.

* * *

A Wild Winter’s Mid-Morning In The Reminski District, Moscow, Russia

His initial feeling of gushing pride at being selected by the captain of detectives from the final year of cadet school to accompany him to a murder scene was quickly forgotten as the ground beneath his feet both crunched in agony and screamed in pain, as by measured stride followed by measured stride, the distance between the warmth of an official car and the body of an untidily dressed man widened until at last the Police Lieutenant Colonel’s car was reached. A window of the automobile was lowered, but no invitation to share the warmth within was extended to the new recruit. Motionless he stood, unable to curb the chilling frost that rose through his leather-soled shoes and climbed his legs like Superman on steroids, soon eating at the flesh beneath his lightweight college garments. In increasing discomfort, he began his account of the scene he had just walked from.

The complete story is on this link— https://www.wattpad.com/538046738-the-deva-station-and-kat-astrophe-with-a-chance/page/5


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