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I have decided to add more strings to my violin, hence what follows is an example of where my mind wanders when it is underemployed, waiting for something.

An impression is a measurement of character based on the single yet complex concept of acceptability.
The assessment of a person based on an abstract concept of acceptability is not wholly impartial. It is influenced by the personal feelings, or taste, of the individual making that instant judgement. Therefore, it is my contention that most of all impressions are worthless.

It would then follows that all forms of criticism are wrong as being acceptable, or not, is nothing more than a form of fault-finding. Which leaves all measurements of social acceptability without any form of value.

But as value is at the very centre of society, so much so that ‘society’ could not exist without some sort of assessment of value, and what society evaluates equates to differing measurements of acceptability; the accepted measurement is therefore not only a fantasy but an upside down mythical one at that. It is without further question, nor debate— topsy-turvy! Thus, what is currently at the top should really be at the bottom and vice versa, what’s at the bottom should be at the top.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If any of the above has disturbed your ideal
Then I apologise profusely for how I’ve made you feel
It’s only my opinion, an idea I shaped
When I ran from the mental home and thought I’d escaped
Unfortunately, I was caught and I’ve never been the same
Having to accept their assessment that I’m utterly insane.

© 2022, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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The Leaves Of Winter

The Leaves Of Winter

The subtleties of winter blow sullenly on a breeze
Bending blackened branches waving goodbye to their leaves.

Cold are the nights as the sun laments the day
And eerie is the silence when the stars come out to play.

Without heart is that winter with no happiness to share
As your soul is left empty, without hope cold and bare.

© 2022, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – December 2022 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

I hope you enjoy the humour at a Night of Laughter at the Smorgasboard café, hosted by Sally Cronin.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Author Daniel Kemp has been entertaing us over the last two years and his funnies are always worth repeating this post from November 2020 and head over toDanny Kemp  .. Always a place to find funnies and jokes to cheer you up… plus some satirical political commentary on politicians at home and abroad.

Today some new funnies and some from this year’s archives.

My thanks to Danny for allowing me to raid his Facebook:Danny Kemp

And something a little extra…

During a visit to my doctor, I asked him, ” How do you determine whether or not an older person should be put in an old age home?”

“Well,” he said, “we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the person to empty the bathtub.”

“Oh, I understand,” I said. “A normal person would use the bucket because it…

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I wrote an article two days ago trying to explain insanity in simple language, in fact, that was indeed the title: Insanity Explained In Simple Language.

I received a letter yesterday asking me for more information on the subject. I do so enjoy interacting with the general public, especially ones who ask complicated questions. This person a lady, whose name shall remain anonymous, asked–

“If sanity is the simple state of mind one feels whilst one’s life is suspended in an insane space as you purport, how can one tell if the space one finds oneself in is insane or not?

Yours faithfully,

One, In Disguise.

I wrote this as my explanation——-

The only way to tell if the space you’re in is insane or not is to test your own sanity. It is my belief you will need four things to test for any debilitating state of affairs in your surroundings. Firstly, you will need; you. Next, someone who is definitely insane. Of course, then comes someone who is sane, and finally, a pencil and paper. That’s five things I know but who’s splitting hairs over a pencil and paper? Not me. I haven’t enough paper to split.

I will stop digressing. I suggest I am the one you invite to fill the third category, the being sane one, but only if you’re
testing for sanity on a day with the letter ’N’ in it.

If the day of your choice has not the letter ’N,’ then I cannot help but feel sorry for you. However, in that case my intuitive nature compels me to propose I fill the second category for your cause, leaving you to find someone who is sane.

Good luck with that last one and God Save The King. That’s if he has any time left on the throne.


© 2022, Daniel Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Insanity Explained In Simple Language

I feel a what is the word I need here, hmm, perhaps affinity is the correct one, if not it will have to do as I have other tasks to get on with, going to bed being one. Where was I? Ah yes, affinity to insanity, the title of this piece of artistic relevance in today’s world of irrelevancy.

Despite never being diagnosed insane by any doctor on the island where I have had the greatest fortune a man can have, being born there; that is England herself, insanity has been alluded to once or twice in replies to my articles on this and that over the years of my activity on social media. However, I cannot say I have any first-hand experience that could have been required to represent myself as an expert, so I shall refrain from such reference.

Instead, I will try to explain insanity in simple language. Unlike the language used by experts which would normally be full of expert jargon and the like. Not that I have any experience of experts in this subject, you understand. I’m imagining an expert being beside me as I write, wishing they were in charge of the keypad. And they are not!

Insanity Explained In Simple Language

Any anomaly to the harmony should instantly be disallowed.
No deviance or divergence should be contained in that which is vowed.
The addition to the penal sentence is not always guaranteed,
Even though the anomaly may be thoroughly misconceived.

Any interruption to the pattern will be rejected without recourse to law.
No mention is permitted of substance that you alone only saw.
Evidence must accompany all peculiarities that occurred,
With no reference being made to utterances that were completely absurd.

The judgment of the chief medical officer will stand unopposed.
No appeal can be made until all the bodies are fully decomposed.
Insanity itself is no mitigation to the murder of that which is true
And all will appear so much better after you are locked away from our view!

I suggest sanity is a simple state of mind suspended in an insane space.
The space itself is expertly controlled by people who are in fact; a disgrace.
A disgrace to whom you say, and I ask you do you mean whom or who?
Whilst several of our company leave for home as they have no wish to stay in this queue.

© 2022, Daniel Kemp. All rights reserved.

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If We Love

Your life is not yours to give. Your life lives only in the person you gave your love to. Your life is on hold until you love. But remember this—if your love is rejected so is your life rejected, but your life was not rejected by you. It was rejected by your love.

Sorrow can be tearful
Never easy to explain
We bear it individually
Suffering without shame.

© 2022, Daniel Kemp. All rights reserved.

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Five Quatrains

I am as strange as the rain in summer
I am the bellow of the wind at night
I am the plough and I am the farmer
I am the dreams that died in flight.

I am nothing of matter or substance
I am a wisp of a thought you once had
I am a labourer amongst the peasants
I’m all that’s good and I’m all that’s bad.

I am the belief some hold so dearly
I am not a person to whom you can plead
I am believing in what I see clearly
I am watching as you bleed.

I am hearing your voice as it echoes
I am the one that hears your tone
I am listening to the poetry in your prose
I am holding the door open to your home.

I am the light you see from your window
I am what you see in what’s to come
I am searching for what only you know
I was your answer, I was never your problem.

© 2022, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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A laugh is infectious a tear is shed alone.
A love that’s never offered is a fear that’s never shown.

© 2022, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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We’ll See Them All Right!

You Had Better Watch Out!

When the butcher comes to cut off your tail,

Do you believe the politicians who spin you a tale?

Perhaps the news reporters, as they relate another lie

Or is it big business as your support they try to buy?

As the butcher comes to cut off your tail

Do you examine the threat in every detail?

Or do you accept the peril as it appears,

Simply waiting in a corner to fill up with tears?

As the butcher comes to cut off your tail

Do you smell the terror as you inwardly inhale?

Can you taste the fear as if you’re sucking a sweet,

But it’s bitter and sour; too unpleasant to eat?

As the butcher comes with his axe in his hand

And your legs are tired as if they’ve been running through sand,

Who is there to turn to in your distress?

After all, it was none of your making any of this mess.

Who is this butcher who comes for your tail

And what does his threat fully entail?

Could it be you’d be better off wearing a disguise,

As truth died when it was crucified?

Who is this butcher with his caving knife,

Who’s running around threatening your life?

I say he’s been made up to give us a fright

And when we find out who did it, we’ll see them all right!

© 2022, Daniel Kemp. All rights reserved.

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A Gentle Heart

As winter falls across your face
With its icy tentacles of frosty lace
Above on the trunk of the big tree towers
Across the land now bereft of flowers,
Still, squirrels scurry up and down
To hidden nests buried underground.

Up high in the sky
Dancing to delight the human eye
The starlings spiralled in synchronised flight
Saluting the autumn that’s fading from sight.

On winter’s wind does blow the cold
That strips the skin from the old
But winter also brings the bliss
Of mistletoe with a stolen kiss.

Puddings laced with brandy or rum
Steaming to fill that hungry tum.
Roaring fires where muffins toast
With spitting chestnuts waiting to roast

All of those are part of the Christmas feast,
But remember the thing that should be forgotten the least.
Christmas can not ever be measured in a shopping cart,
Christmas lives within a gentle heart.

© 2022, Daniel Kemp. All rights reserved.

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