Once A Was A Soldier

There is no morality to be found in evil. But to recognise that which is truly evil one must forget the rules of morality.



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Rudy to the Rescue


Farmer Brown had dozens of hens, but no rooster, so he goes down the road to the next farmer and asks if he has a rooster for sale.  The other farmer says, “Yeah, I’ve this great rooster, named Rudy. He’ll service every chicken you got, no problem.” Well, Rudy the rooster costs a lot of money, but, farmer decides he’d be worth it. So, he buys him and takes the rooster home. He then sets him down in the barnyard and gives the rooster a pep talk, “Rudy, I want you to pace yourself now. You’ve got a lot of chickens to service here, and you cost me a lot of money. Consequently, I’ll need you to do a good job. “So, take your time and have some fun,” the farmer ended with a chuckle.

Rudy seemed to understand, so the farmer points toward the hen house, and Rudy took…

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On Neighborhood Relations.


Mitigating Chaos

I used to have problems with some of my neighbors, but since I have started packaging my trash this way, they seem much more pleasant.  IMG_4941

They say “Good Morning” with a smile, keep the music volume real low and don’t let their dogs on my lawn.

I wonder what has changed?

Hey, fuggetaboutit, but thanks to my buddy, Burt Poston for the photo. He’s a stand-up guy.

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Viking Tid Bits 3

Some wise reflections on a bygone age by Robynn Gabel

Common Sense Experiences


When Vikings wrote, they used what we call runes. The word above is actually my name, Robynn. Not much is known about Vikings and they didn’t leave much behind in writing. Some have theorized they were not educated and so not many knew how to write. Some think that because they used less permanent writing materials, not much was left behind. Either way, we do know they did use runes and what is left behind can be found in carvings or stone.

They were a superstitious people. Words to them were magic and held great power. Maybe to write it down was to allow it to have a life of its own. But despite what we know or don’t know of them, we can fill in the holes with educated guessing. The study of anthropology shows us that there is a common thread among all of us. Ancient or current.


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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – #FREE until 26th July -The Desolate Garden by Daniel Kemp

Sally invited me into her Cafe and Bookstore. The offer on this book expires on July 27.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to welcome another author to the shelves of the bookstore with his books. And you are in luck as Daniel Kemp is offering The Desolate GardenFREEuntil the 26th of July

About the Desolate Garden

After Lord Harry Paterson is summoned to London following his father’s murder, he discovers an age-old secret and must ascend into his family’s true inheritance.

Digging deeper, he finds out that his late father, Lord Elliot Paterson, had discovered a hidden ledger dated all the way back to 1936… and a vast quantity of money erased from the accounts. Mysterious initials and an address in Leningrad – a major port in former Stalin’s Soviet Union – are his only clues.

Together with the attractive Judith Meadows, Lord Harry must unravel the mysterious death

One of the reviews for the book


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If the Truth Be Told

Wow, what a review! Fantastic and insightful. My thanks don’t seem enough but that’s all I have.

Gabriel Constans

The Story That Had No Beginning by Daniel Kemp.
Reviewed by Gabriel Constans.

51eGvdQIgBLTom Collins, and his sister Alice (Alicia), are twins who were separated into foster homes when they were 8 years of age. As adults, they’ve taken different paths. Tom becomes a thug, in and out of prison, and Alicia is a famous photographer, care of the graces of her mentor and mother figure (Mary O’Donnell). The Story That Had No Beginning, takes a close look at these siblings as adults, and explores their lives together with friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, and the inter-connections that take place. What appears to be straight-forward, and obvious, may or may not be so.

Mr. Kemp has written a superb crime story, with the actions, thoughts, feelings, and consequences of the main characters being told by way of deceased Tom Collins, who can see into the past. Tom says, “All…

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Free Kindle Of The Desolate Garden

From 00:01 PST Sunday, July 22nd or 8am UK time, the Kindle of The Desolate Garden will be free from Amazon until July 27th. This novel was under a paid 5-year option to become a $30 million film.

A bestselling novel in Russian literature and described as a Top 100 Indie Book You Should Read Before You Die

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No Defence

If in Heaven all truth does lie

And one has no choice but to die

So speed the day so I might see

All the love that’s been lost to me.


If love being lost is to close that door

And Heaven is not my answer nor my cure,

Then a shattered heart will never mend

And my decisions are ones I cannot defend.


In pain with desperation and disbelief.

I seek the Heavenly answer to bring me relief,

But will that relief bring an end

To a heart that’s broken with no chance to mend.


Because mend it must before time be

Completely over and closed to me.


© 2018, Danny Kemp All rights reserved.

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Finishing Offer

Based on a true account. Contains some sexual scenes and some violence, but all in keeping with the story
From a review—
#Love #Sex #Murder
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Free until July 7

WHY? A Complicated Love

A novella based on a true account. Contains some sexual scenes.


Love—- Sex—-Murder 


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