For The Insane Authors Out There


I wish to officially announced here, on this page, the launch of a new enterprise. (I am not referring to Startrek… no funny remarks please, that’s my domain)

The naming of the group was stupidly allowed to fall to Author Giok Ping Ang, she chose this…..AA Authors Altered-State Of Madness.

I have given this group a great deal of thought and devised a secret code so we can communicate with each other without the sane, those not like us who are indeed mad, understanding.

The code is this… WTFAW.


Many years ago in a far off land, where the grass grew ten foot tall and the trees touched the sky, there lived a pygmy like tribe who never exceeded four-foot in height. Their number dwindled each time they left camp to hunt. Although they developed an athletic spring in their step, they were never able to jump high enough to spot any landmarks. Consequently they are now extinct.
Neighbouring tribes have told of their cries for help as the earth trembled beneath their jump.

“Where The F… Are We? Where The F… Are We…..Shame really but somewhat apt I thought…..Boom boom.

Please attach this code WTFAW to your comments…….It will then be our secret.
Oh, before I forget. Please send your credit card pin, and long number to me and will deduct subscriptions……YOU CAN TRUST ME…..


About Daniel Kemp

Daniel Kemp, ex-London police officer, mini-cab business owner, pub tenant and licensed London taxi driver never planned to be a writer, but after his first novel —The Desolate Garden — was under a paid option to become a $30 million film for five years until distribution became an insurmountable problem for the production company what else could he do? Nowadays he is a prolific storyteller and in May 2018 his book What Happened In Vienna, Jack? became a number one bestseller on four separate Amazon sites: America, UK, Canada and Australia. Although it’s true to say that he mainly concentrates on what he knows best; murders laced by the mystery involving spies, his diverse experience of life shows in the short stories he writes, namely: Why? A Complicated Love, and the intriguing story titled The Story That Had No Beginning. He is the recipient of rave reviews from a prestigious Manhattan publication, been described as —the new Graham Green — by a managerial employee of Waterstones Books, for whom he did a countrywide tour of signing events, and he has appeared on ‘live' television in the UK.
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