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Guest Post by Robbie Cheadle

Originally posted on Mark Bierman:
Welcome back! As Christmas fast approaches and (some of us) are looking for that ‘perfect gift,’ might I suggest a great book? Today I have the pleasure of hosting talented author, Robbie Cheadle! I’m sure…

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A Covenant Of Spies

  Kindle releasing on Tuesday 17th December 2019 Paperback available now—With ‘Look Inside’ The Fourth Book in The Lies and Consequences Series Murder– Mystery — Suspense

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Ani’s Advent 2019! Getting it right… and a poem from Willow

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Dear Santa, I’ve been thinking. I know you always bring me new toys and treats, but …and don’t tell her this… I prob’ly get more than enough treats all year and my…

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Splinters Of Regrets

  Splinters Of Regrets Hope had flown, belief had died, Caused by the splitters of regrets left rotting inside. Contentment is often impossible to find As splinters of regrets play games in the mind. Visions of heaven, memories from hell, … Continue reading

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Fast Comes Winter

Fast Comes Winter Autumn’s breath is now tasting cold Its easterly winds the bones do scold. A chill comes at night as the dark closes fast And memories of summer fade into the past. Calm was those days of long … Continue reading

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The Seed Or A Passage Through Life

By The Wayside I am the winter’s cold. I am the stars at night. Earthly stones drag me down and I thirst for light. I struggle to grow and I’m too weak to fight. My growth is stunted. I’ll gain … Continue reading

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Exactly Where You Need to Be

Originally posted on The Happiness Nerd:
Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Hello my dear happiness nerds, welcome (back)! Today is World Mental Health Day and for this day I prepared something special (the WHO has, too). Let’s see how…

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Time Is Not A Friend

  Time can measure age, but age cannot measure time. Time is for all. But your time is yours and my time is mine. Life travels through time towards an inevitable end. Time is perpetual, but time is not a … Continue reading

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The only holiday catalog you’ll ever need. PLUS: the WINNER! #humor #Christmas

Originally posted on Barb Taub:
My dog Peri wants to announce the winner of her friend Ani’s book! Check the bottom of this post to see if it’s you. [Note from Barb–this blog post was a holiday column from back…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Christmas Book Fair – Guest Posts – Robbie Cheadle – How to Write a Book Review

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:
Delighted to welcome back author and prolific book reviewer Robbie Cheadle, to share her criteria for writing a book review. I am sure useful for both authors who would like to know the key…

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