An Ever Changing Line

You got to keep going or you’ll stop and stand still.
You got to keep going while you still have the will.
If you stop going then the will’s going leave
And if you leave the will behind there will be something else to grieve?

To grieve is good. It’s good to clear the ducts.
Ducts are not ducks neither are they viaducts.
Viaducts are like bridges carrying a road above the ground
Whereas an aqueduct carries water and makes a bubbling sound.

Sound travels quickly but not as fast as light
Light can be heavy depending on your night
Nights are dark but are not necessarily black
Unless of course, you sleep with your head in a sack.

A sack can cost you money if you’ve nowhere to go.
To go somewhere can be accomplished either quickly or slow
Slow of mind can mean you take your time to work out what’s right
Right doesn’t always come out on top when it’s beaten in a fight.

Fights aren’t clever, you often bruise your hands.
Hands that do dishes often scrub pans.
Pans and pots are receptacles in which one cooks.
And cooks can cook, unlike crooks who are just crooks.


© 2019 Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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Too young to take that final breath
Trapped within the reach of death
A life that was never really shown
Where love remained the great unknown.

But youth demands a life that’s full
Before life rewrites its one true rule
That death takes all the hands it grasps
Caring nothing of who takes those final gasps.

No questions allowed—of why be it me,
That waits beneath death’s spreading tree?
With roots as gnarled and ancient as time
And no branches to hold and upwardly climb.

Life was precious but death clutched hard
To the girl who gave no just regard
To consequences of a drug-ridden head
On the day she died and left me for dead.

© 2019, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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all are welcome to join in the reindeer games.

Something unusual

I didn't have my glasses on....

If you want to incorporate quality time with animals into your yoga practice, you have a lot of options these days. There’s puppy yoga, cat yoga, and perhaps the most famous — goat yoga. Now, in Fairbanks, Alaska, there’s a new offering: a yoga class with fauna particular to the cold northern climes of the subarctic. Reindeer.

In a grassy pen at the Running Reindeer Ranch, adult and baby reindeer are milling around — grazing, nosing curiously at water bottles, and pawing yoga mats as people shake them out for class.The air is buzzing with mosquitoes, and the sky is threatening rain, but a good two dozen or so people have shown up for this petting zoo and exercise experience.

The reindeer yoga class is a brand new offering for the ranch — it’s only the third class. They usually give natural history walking tours with the animals. Jane Atkinson, one of…

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By The Merest Strand

The sun had disappeared in a distance sky,

As a woman walked home with a tear in her eye.

A laugh shared at work, but there’s no one at home.

Few understand what it’s like to be really on your own.

Home to thoughts of weakness, desolation, and fear.

There’s no consolation to find inside that tear.

Regrets and confusion with things that have past.

What should have been forever failed to last?

Loneliness lives within a troubled mind.

Nowhere to hide, no safety to find.

Alone at night without a helping hand.

Life is suspended by the merest strand.

© 2018, Danny Kemp All rights reserved.

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If your alarm hadn’t sounded and the time was now nine,

Should you still be in bed or somewhere else at that time?

But if clocks didn’t exist to tell the time left in a day,

Then a day could be a year and for a year we could play.

But if you have time on your hands or no time to spare,

I hope you find time for that summertime stare.

But if you’ve no time to stare whilst on the move

Could you ask time to slow so in time you can improve?

But no, time has no master. It doesn’t answer to you.

It acts how it likes and never waits in a queue.

There’s only one thing of time of which we can be sure.

That’s when your time is over it won’t give you any more.


© 2019, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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Book review: Death Among Us

Roberta Writes

Thank you to James Cudney, prolific drama and cozy mystery author, for this amazing review of Death Among Us, an anthology of murder mystery short stories by ten authors, including me. If you enjoy books, do visit Jay’s lovely book, he writes reviews daily of all the amazing books he reads and has a great selection of his own books too.

Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories by [Bentley, Stephen, Alldredge, Greg, Artieri, Kelly, Kane, L. Lee, Spinelli, Michael, Cheadle, Robbie, Castaneda, Kay, Bauer, Justin, Locatelli, Aly]

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite book genre is mysteries. With so many wonderful authors and series, it’s often difficult to decide what to read next, especially when you’re looking to expand your horizons with something new. That’s often why I’ll turn to an anthology of short stories, as collections allow you to sample a dozen or so writers who hold a vast array of experiences and styles. This month, I took a chance on one called ‘Death Among Us,’ published in July of 2019 and edited…

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Your Lucky Numbers For Today

If one is enough and two is too many,
Then three is too rough and four is too heavy.

But five is half of the previous four,
And as six is even it would level the score.

Now seven is a number that is really odd.
It cannot be halved no matter how hard it’s prod.

Eight is a number divisible by four
And four is a number I’ve mentioned before.

Nine is the number that cats love the best.
And ten is the one at the top of the rest.

© 2019 Daniel Kemp All rights reserved

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Animal Farm


It was early in the morning when the ants were still asleep.
When the fields were full of baa-lambs and the dung was in a heap.
Along came the bull his tail swishing loudly and shoulders hanging low.
He made the noise that bulls make then was answered by a crow.

“Shut-up you noisy beast,” it said. “You’re making too much noise.
Hold yourself up straight and I’ll teach you how to have poise.
Look at me, dear thing. I’m sleek, polished and glossy, good looking to a tee.
You’ll need to tuck in that tummy of yours if you want to look like me.”

“Moo, moo, and more moo. You’re an ugly bird and no mistake.
It’s you who should shut up. You’re giving me a headache
And when I’m cross I’m very cross, liable to stamp on a little bird.
Do us both a favour fly off over the yard and talk to the goatherd.”

“Will you two be quiet as we are trying to have a rest.

The disturbance you two are causing is making us completely stressed.

There are more of us than either of you and this farmyard is all our own.

We might consult with the chickens and make the yard an animal-free zone.”


The farmer’s wife, apron swaying, entered the scene in a rush
She held a saucepan in one hand and in the other she held a brush.
“We will have steak for lunch, pork chops and chicken later tonight,
As for you-you shrieking crow you’re for a pie that will be sealed—airtight!”

“This place is going to the dogs,” said the dung-beetle to the crowd.
“I believe in live and let live, but not if you’re all shouting out loud.
Leave me to live and do my job or the stink will kill you all,
And the farmer will come to count the stock and there will be a huge shortfall.”

Farmer Giles fired his blunderbuss killing the chickens and his wife
The Bull ran to the cowshed to have the time of his life.
The Pigs shared the dung beetle tearing it apart,
Then dived into the dung heap all giving off a smelly fart

Boom, Boom

© 2019, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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The Lovers

With a heart that was open but eyes that were closed,

She found a safe place and within she dozed.

In her sleep, she saw a star way up high

And she listened as it sang a soulful lullaby.


“I feel your sobbing heart through the soles of my feet,

But I pray the day is prolonged until finally, we meet.

Your body I caress through my spirit and soul,

But no wish nor truth can make my own body whole.”


Deeper she slept, but the dream didn’t fade,

No matter how much she tried, in her heart it still laid.

Trying to forget, praying for release

She sang in silence in search of that peace.


“I feel your heart and I feel your pain,

I imagined that at my side you’d always remain.

But death took you away and left me here,

With the doubts that surround me, filling me with fear.”


The star returned, now lower in the sky,

A tear she saw as it began to cry.

She wiped that tear with a lock of her hair,

Placed it in her heart and left it there.


The tear was returned when his hand touched her own,

As she made her way skyward no longer alone.

The lovers became one when her life slipped away,

Now in heaven, together, the lovers now lay!


© 2019, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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Be Careful And Beware

I have a pain in my toe
A pain in my heel.
Ever since I turned ninety-six
I’ve always been ill.

I have no appetite for love
I’d rather have a new leg.
But if you can’t manage that
Then how about a poached egg?

My eyesight’s good as gold
And I’m handsome as I’ve always been.
But I was recently told
That lying is a sin.

My hands are a bit shaky
And I swear quite a bit.
It’s normally when I lose at bingo
Or if someone sits where I sit

I’m told I’m ace on the dance floor
A bit like Fred Astaire.
They put a sign on me at The Waldorf
‘Be Careful And Beware.’

Now I need my nightcap
Before I’m sent to bed.
But never think of bad things
Only ever look ahead!

© 2019, Daniel Kemp All rights reserved.

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