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The Deva Station And Kat Astrophe With a Chance Goneabegging

A Short Comical Story Told In Two Parts A Taster— Any interpretation of this short story is done entirely at your own risk.  I have incorporated English names into this compact chronicle to avoid disappointing those who find Russian a difficult … Continue reading

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Drowning In The City Or Dancing In The Sea?

I went to the city with the stinking cars With the office blocks tall and their windows of bars I walked through the bustle in the putrid air My mind was gone my soul was bare. Where a smile was … Continue reading

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Change What Is To Come?

  From the earnest, solemn whispers of promises to come To the whispering slap of the bullet as fired from the gun There were few records of what could have been changed To prevent that innocent child becoming a madman … Continue reading

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